Carlisle United (A) - Sat 8th May, 3pm

THE FINAL GAME OF A DISMAL, DISMAL LEAGUE TWO SEASON. FINALLY!! And hopefully the last time we see Brian / Briab / Brain Dutton in the dugout as our leader.

A pointless game to end the season as both Carlisle United and The Saddlers have absolutely nothing to play for at all. Good for fancy dress only, and you can’t even do that this season.

Form doesn’t particularly matter, but Carlisle’s last six games have been:

13th April - Newport County (a) - Drew 0-0
17th April - Port Vale (h) - Drew 0-0
20th April - Bolton Wanderers (a) - Lost 1-0
24th April - Harrogate Town (h) - Drew 1-1
27th April - Cheltenham Town (a) - Drew 1-1
1st May - Leyton Orient (a) - Won 3-2

The Cumbrians are 10th in League Two with 65 points from 45 games and look highly likely to finish the season in that position whatever the result here.

By contrast, The Saddlers can finish as high :sweat_smile: as 17th or as low as 21st.

If @TheBostedSlab can be arsed, he can put a list of players that have played for both clubs up, two more recent that people should remember are strikers Karl Hawley and Matty Fryatt. I should also give a shout out to our former favourite Zigor Aranalde

I don’t expect much interest in this game but please answer the following if you can find it within your weary Walsall FC souls…

  1. Are you going to be watching? If so, where? If not, what are you doing instead?
  2. What are your honest thoughts on the whole season from a Walsall Football Club perspective?
  3. Are you looking forward to getting back into the ground?
  4. What is your favourite sport-related film, and why?

Finally, it’s been a pleasure to write the previews for the games since @Welsh_Saddler had to take a step back for personal reasons (Peter if you’re reading this, I hope you’re well and I’m sure you’re in a lot of our thoughts still), and if he wants to come back to them next season then he is more than welcome. If not, you’re stuck with me, sorry! :joy:

We used to be 90 minutes from Europe in terms of European competition, now some of us are one more 90 minutes away from Europe in terms of a holiday (hopefully, Covid restrictions pending).

A sad, sad season draws to a close, let us banish it from our memories with a much better season next season. Fingers crossed. Over and Out comrades :heart:

Carlisle United vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Carlisle United Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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We are not going to win games by not having a shot on target for 90 mins, and with most of the squad seeming to have at least one gaffe a game in them.


I’ve never been so excited for a season to be over. Only thing I’m look forward to with this game is the final whistle

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This as got Bore draw written all over it :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

  1. No
  2. A season where years of countless ■■■■ poor decisions have come home to roost.
  3. That is up to Pomlett to convince me to come back.
  4. Escape to Victory as it involves WW2.

0-0 Bore Draw players on the beach early,see you all next season with a 20 goal a season striker on the books and defenders that can defend long balls.

3 nil Carlisle - Dan Scarr hatrick of errors

I’m just gutted I can’t go. Ridiculous.

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Hope the final whistle to this terrible season also brings a swift decision about Brians departure and we are not left for weeks or months in the dark .

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I hope JF has identified the new man already and is drawing up a list of player targets because we have a huge amount of work to do


Mate I wouldn’t even give him a seat on the team bus thus eliminating another calamitous performance, leave him at The Bescot picking litter on the car park, but saying that a bag being blown in the wind is something else he couldn’t pick up.

In normal times I hate the 3 months of the close season has can not stand cricket or tennis I shall look on uts to see if we have signed messie or someone of his of is talent :drooling_face::drooling_face:

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But I won’t my breath :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Agree mate usually get so frustrated during pre season waiting for it start up again . Unless we go in a new direction and show a real intent with a manager and players show some ambition then I will be in no rush to get the new season up and running.

I’d play:
White, Leak, Clarke, Cockerill-Mollett
Perry, Bates
Nolan, Willis, Osadebe

On the bench
Rose, Wright, Kinsella, Campbell, Sadler, Max,

I’d play the kids. No harm in giving them all a go.

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Gary Liddle, Mark Prudhoe, Colin Methven, Ray Train, Derek Clarke, Bobby Hutchinson, Mark Gillespie, Mathieu Manset, Jason Price, Paul Boertien, Andy Watson, Kevan Hurst, Anthony Gerrard, Jason Lillis, Derek Mountfield, Paul Simpson, Martin Brittain, Jabo Ibhere, Dave Wilson, Tony Lowery, Jordan Cook, Kevin Harper, Hayden White and Grant Smith have played for both clubs.


4 helo wat your favrit film?

Carlisle 2 v Walsall 4

This is definite, lump on

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My 11 would be:

Lewis Walker
Josh Simcox
Joe Foulkes
Alex Worley
Jack Lynch
Jack Sharp
Kyle Sharp
Jayden Campbell
Callum Derry
Tommy Parker
Ronan Maher