Chairman Talks to Walsall Fan TV

It the player wanted to go he is left with little option

Correct, however to not line up a decent replacement for that player, when you’ve known the player was on their way out for several days, and when your stated aim is promotion, is either incompetent or indicates that the money was always going to be banked.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it is always easy to look back on a situation or decision differently after it has occurred.

Where I would diverge is the number of poor decisions or situations we have found ourselves in so far during Pomletts reign. One maybe two, yep hindsight etc etc.

The run of poor decisions we have experienced I think hindsight goes out the window and it starts to be labelled as general incompetence.


We are a Football team so there can only be one measure of success.

Well you are mostly going to be disappointed supporting Walsall, if you think that way.

But your argument is that he’s better than nothing, which is obvious. But that’s pretty much the same with everything in football and if that was valid then there would be no discussion about chairmen, managers, players.

Having a crap manager is better than an empty dugout, it doesn’t excuse them of criticism?

And if any argument about anyone is ‘well he’s better than nothing’ then the standard must be very very low that they can’t find any praise in his work.

I’m pretty sure 99.9% of people go to games in the hope we will either win or they will be entertained.

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Hope is not an objective measure though. Pombear has laid out two specific objectives. A return to L1 and reuniting the club with the freehold. He hasn’t achieved them yet, but that doesn’t mean he has failed either.

It is a process.


I would take uniting the freehold over promotion.

If we did that promotion would come eventually anyway


On balance i think hes doing a decent job under huge constraints.
He’s new. He’s hopefully learning.
Like everyone in the public eye hes judged on his worst and best days. When the truth his hopefully in the middle.
We start the season with the manager the majority wanted.
JF is gone. Lets see what happens…i for one am hopeful.


Im not arguing, just giving my opinion .
I wish we had a billionaire owner who never made poor decisions, but until we do I’ll put up with Pomlette

That is fair, the problem being we have shown no progress at all, in fact we have come closer to relegation than the play-offs. I think it is fair to say we have declined rather than progressed in any way. It does only take one good season though, but during the shitshow the past few years it is only natural and right in my opinion that there is some dissatisfaction shown from the fans.

As for the freehold, I hope he is as good as his word, because that is all we have got for now.


Yeah same, just giving mine that if we never thought we could do better and used the ‘it’s what we have’ line for players and managers like you are for the chairman then we’d never progress and probably actually regress.

If it’s a process it’s a poor one, a process usually offers improvements over time.

Obviously! :joy::joy: success is defined one way at a football club. Begs belief how easy some of our fans are to please.

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Indeed. I probably have more patience, and more tolerance than you do, with respect to the above. No right or wrong, people are different in their expectations and reactions when they are not met.

I went to the protest earlier this season, as my threshold was met when I seriously felt that our league status was being threatened. I’m more optimistic now he has made the changes he has.


No he’s not, he has been on the Board for donkeys years. I hope he’s learning too but if he is to be judged on progress, we have gone backwards on the pitch since he took charge and have come closer to losing our league status than we have in living memory.


Same as some people find means to moan, some will always find ways to defend. 3 years as chairman, plus over 10 on the board, hardly wet behind the ears.

This is where I tear my hair out.

What constraints?

He asked for fans to leave their money in, and they did it. He asked for 5k average home gates as a massive building block in his financial model, and he got it. We’ve recieved several windfalls eg. Adebayo, DC, Jules, and most significantly Henry - none of which could have been budgeted for. If by constraints you mean a lack of investment at boardroom level, then that’s his choice. There have been offers of investment but none have been accepted, similarly there have been offers to get supporters groups involved at board level which could have seen closer working relationships, fresh ideas, and financial input - rejected out of hand.
So they are constraints of his own making (if that’s what you are alluding to).

No he isn’t!! He’s been in post for 3 years and on the board for a whopping 12 years. That’s a generation in football terms.

You could have wrote that 3 years ago.


Lets just hope he can turn us around, because god help us if he can’t.

For what its worth, I think next season will see an improvement. I just hope others don’t expect promotion to be a given. I’d take mid-table, no flirts with the bottom third to allow us to continue building the season after.

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