Change! Change! Change!

We all want it, how do we effect it?

The club has been in decline for years and unless something dramatic happens or we get lucky; we are clearly headed to the abyss of non-league at worse or consistently in a 4th division relegation scrap at best.

This is clearly the responsibility of Pomlett, Gamble and Mole! They’ve been on the board for 30+ years between them and are now leading the club at its worse level in our history.

Whatever criteria you want to judge their performance by or excuse you want to make on their behalf, they have failed.

The little money we’ve had seems to have disappeared or invested badly. After a promising start to the transfer window, we didn’t make a permanent signing since the first week of July, our best players are loanees. The rest of the on-field issues are well documented on here and off the field it’s no better & again well documented, but basically we’re poor in most departments.

It’s painfully apparent that the club needs change, real genuine change if we are to continue as a league club and start enjoying life as Saddlers again.

But how to achieve it? Pomlett, Gamble & Mole ain’t going nowhere it seems and neither is the landlord. So what is our future?

As a group of supporters we have failed to organise ourselves successfully to effect change since SOS and Barry Blower, yes there have been pockets of unrest/protest. But these were short lived when they either fizzled out or the club tossed us a stale sausage roll which stopped them in their tracks.

Other clubs have effected change, other clubs have united under one clear goal, one voice, come together and got the change they wanted.

If we want change and a future then we need to get organised, get motivated and build a consistent campaign to effect it.

Whilst my preference would be a total change of ownership and new investment that they may be unrealistic. Perhaps simply change within, by applied pressure is a more realistic goal.

Anyway I’m throwing this out there as a positive thread, to generate ideas, to generate interest and support to effect change at the club I love. Because in my view we have a choice, we can continue to sit and watch our club decline or stay away or try and do something about it.

Unless the latter happens, I genuinely fear for our club.


“Wherever your mind dwells, so shall it be manifested”

It’s a noble thing to try and capture (positivity) - but this site, in particular, has been a bed of knowledge and ideas for years and years.

Those who run the club simply think they know more than everybody else, and see any sort of criticism as personal attacks, and they know best.

Completely pointless. 10 years ago or soI organised the Unity protests. I couldn’t think of anything less appealing now. Either that, or the Covid thread.


Hard to say this, but give it up mate.

Your giving your money to conmen and nothing is going to change. The take over looks more of a bare faced sham right now…if people think otherwise then fair enough…

If you miss the social aspect go to a pub or a non league game.

If the last 5-6 years has taught me anything its that literally nothing will change with these people at the club.

Said where we heading like a few others a couple of years ago and unfortunately it has all been borne out.

Mole larging it up on his linkedin profile in his Lichfield home while the club crumbles, promising fans promotion pushes. I cant think of one organisation I would want to give my money to less right now. Conmen and liars in suits.

This organisation is not fit for purpose and hasnt been for years. And deep down, we all know it


The fans were happy enough start of the season with the management, the recruitment, the owner, the players.

9 Games in and everyone’s spitting there dummy out.

Replace Pomlett with who? Bonser’s son

Fullarton is getting pelters even though he’s brought in some excellent young lads on loan. Brought in Earing Monthe Taylor Labadie Wilkinson Meyenese.

Surley a DOF should be judged after a couple of Transfer Windows.


All I ever expect from those running Walsall FC is honesty. If the club is broke, then tell us. If there’s no money to recruit free agents, then tell us. If we simply can’t afford to carry on because the annual rent charges are crippling the club, then tell us. But stop trying to give the impression everything is fine, and that the club is moving forward, when it clearly isn’t.
Stop treating fans like idiots, and when you communicate with us stop giving us platitudes, and bigging yourselves up.
Pomlett and his team are well aware that the fan base is now so small that any form of protest would not be taken seriously. Push for an open fan’s forum, where fans can ask any question they like, and not just those vetted by the club.The truth may then come out for us all to see.



A business that cant be arsed to be honest with it customers - sorry, ‘supporters’ while fleecing them with false promises - that is the basics of what has gone on every single year for 5+ years.

I’m done with it, tired of the bullshit and apologists. Im saying it like it is for one last weekend before I crack on with my life minus this toxic organisation that currently brings nothing but negativity


Fans were also saying that we needed a few more faces in and that our squad was thin :roll_eyes:

We were sold a lie. Top 10 budget. A real push for promotion and all that. It was nonsense and I feel conned.


This season is a write off already. There is no chance at all we will get anywhere the play offs with the squad as it is presently.

If the club want me to buy a season ticket next season. I would want to see significant (ruthless) changes in the January transfer window - with an eye on building a side for next season. No messing around.

No way will I bother otherwise.


How can you possibly say the season is a right off after 9 games lol.

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I think most level headed people knew that when Pom took over it wasn’t the change that was needed. The person steering the ship changed, but the hole below the waterline wasn’t plugged.

The trajectory has continued the way it was going in the years leading up to Pom taking over.

We ain’t going to compete with much, much “smaller” clubs like Harrogate, Barrow, Cheltenham etc, that’s a fact, get used to it, don’t fight against it, because it’s a fact. Speak to any players or ex players and they’ll tell you how poorly WFC pay.

Things won’t change til the club can leverage tangible assets to pay better and offer longer contracts. Til then we will be stuck with a core journeymen players and loan players with no afffinity to the club and we won’t go anywhere but downwards.

As it happens, I think we’ve got enough in this squad to push for top half this season, but we need a bit of luck with injuries, and a bit of nous in games.



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Experience in what examining league tables after 9 games to determine where teams will finish end of season. Behave


Just knowledge of the game, and understanding football, the lack of a balanced squad, looking at the way we are playing etc.

Not a chance of top 7.

Do you seriously think we will?

I believe once we get players back from injury the team will be much be better balanced, I agree we are still lacking a couple of players but that wouldn’t have been as much has a issue if we hadn’t been hit with injuries especially with 2 of them being our best attacking players. I predicted us to finish 10th start of the season and I don’t think we will be to far away especially with a couple of additions in Jan.


I think the forward line is an issue, but the biggest problem to me is the back 4. Atrocious. No way on this planet will we push the top 10 with them lot at the back.

It’s a squad game these days, all teams have injuries, and it’s how the squad deals with them that sorts the better sides from crap ones.

We have played weeks now without a centre forward on the bench. That is criminal.

Great post, sums up my feelings totally.


After having a think about how the club can move forward , as I see it it’s either got to come from more investment from the current board which looks very doubtful or bringing on board a new major benefactor/s , which lets be honest is even more doubtful.
I’ve been looking at the Hearts FC story they are now the largest fan owned club in the country , it would be a great model to follow , they have 8000 fans making regular contributions and have completely turned the club around.
Obviously we couldn’t expect those numbers but it’s all relative , if we could get 1000 people with a average £50 pm contribution it would be a game changer .
I understand all this sounds like " pie in the sky " but in all honesty I’m struggling to see any other way out of the mess we appear to be in .

People romanticise fan owned clubs too much. I just got done reading ‘Barca’ by the excellent Simon Kuper and he highlights fan ownership as a key part in their recent downfall. To get elected, presidents make outlandish promises, plunge the club into debt in order to get immediate results and let the famous maisa and it’s youth products stagnaite because they need immediate results.
A guy massively under qualified for the job was (re)elected because he was caretaker during a champions league win.

But that said, given the number of users on here who are total experts in being Chairman/ DOF/ Managers/ Fitness Coaches/ Programme Printers/ Caterers/ Handymen /Merchandise Manufacturers then Walsall would be amazing :heart_eyes:

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Fan owned club can you imagine the carnage with our fans we would go through 10 managers a season.