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Charlton Athletic (A) Tue Jan 1st 2019, 3pm


■■■■■ sake

Ferrier gives it away in midfield and 2 passes later it’s in the net

Started brightly as well

Now a ■■■■■■■ penslty


Never does when Walsall are playing, as I’ve said before the perfect go to fixture for a 3 point haul, and this minus goal diffence is becoming an embarrassment
Now 2-0 I hear, what a carve up!


Walsall yellow card, Charlton penalty, and it’s 2-0 !!!


For me, it was Dobson’s error and … oh, peno. Ok, it’s over.


What we need is some more wingers


Fitzwater gives away the pen. Probably Leahys fault.

First one Ferrier gives the ball away completely needlessly. Probably Devlins fault.


Plymouth Argyle 1 Oxford Utd 0

As it stands, we are only 5 points above the drop zone…


Same ■■■■ different year… Lol!


My phone keeps pinging, how many more goals are we going to let in today? Could be a utter ammerin!


Another two goals conceded ? I’m shocked.

Another two goals conceded without Martin playing.


Good to see that the policy of cutting out individual errors leading to stupid goals is being taken on board! Talk is cheap I’m afraid.


And folk were giving me such a hard time when I suggested such a thing!


I’m afraid it’s the quality that’s cheap not just the talk …


Martin played at Bradford City, and we lost 4-0 …


Masi says Ferrier with a poor pass set up the first and he is amazed at the Penalty decision…goal average now very worrying…often tells a truer story than points!!!


I must sound like a broken record.

This defence is conference standard. Get rid of them all.


I once saw a hedge.


6 mins and 9 mins. Isn’t that the same as against Rovers? Disgusting! Makes my decision about renewing ST easier. No doubt Keates will say they have to learn from it! Sack the lot of them.


What a ■■■■ come back


Martin also played in the 1-3 home defeat by Burton Albion. His absence today is meaningless.