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Charlton Athletic (A) Tue Jan 1st 2019, 3pm


I had forgotten that we were playing, I am sitting around the pool reading red card roy’s Book, good book I didn’t realize how badly the fans treated him, with him being our own player, that’s unusual for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Blackpool 0 Sunderland 1 (21 min)

Bradford City 1 Accrington Stanley 0


No he will criticise them and say we need to make signings and everyone here will criticise him for it despite saying the same things themselves.


We’re not …


I know what was said, but for me, more Dobson’s error, not Ferrier. He just passed the ball to midfielder, it looked harmless, but he hasn’t expected it and later Charlton scored.




Bossu is taking the ■■■■


The problem this season isn’t the dire performances every second or third game. That’s typical of a mid-table side. Its the fact that when we play well every second or third game, and establish winning positions, we don’t win. The extra 6 points we should have had against Posh, Luuuern, and the Makems has removed the safety net.


Is Oak Park open on a bank holiday?


Bradford City 2 Accrington Stanley 0 (Acc’y down to 10 men)

Doncaster Rovers 3 Rochdale 0

Wycombe Wanderers 0 Coventry City 1

Southend Utd 1 Gillingham 0


Except that defending isn’t about 4 players at the back, it’s about the whole team. On Saturday, the first goal came from our forwards and centre midfield failing to close down macormack and letting him get a shot in, the second came from ferrier making a really poor decision in possession with little time to go. Again today, it sounds like ferrier has done exactly the same. It’s not the 4 defenders that is the problem, it’s the whole team attitude towards defending and tu the lack of a system and tactics from front to back.


Gordon just had a great effort cleared off the line


We have players on the pitch then?


Yellow card for Joe Edwards, 44 min


And another good effort saved


You’re right. Russell Martin isn’t playing.

I think we’re establishing that Keates’s first “major coup” signing (his words) who was given two jobs by his “friend” (Keates word) has been an unmitigated failure at both. The playing bit was bad. The coaching bit seems to have turned a bad defence into a worse defence.

Then today we sign a friend of the friend.

Keates is having a ‘mare just now and I’m not sure hiring mates and mates of mates is the way to go.


Currently, thank goodness we have Rochdale as a temporary buffer between us and the relegation zone!


Absolutely spot on. People keep saying give keates a few transfer windows. Go through his signings so far and then decide whether you fully trust him to bring in better players. I truly hope I’m wrong and I want him to succeed, but right now I see a team in free fall some months before the same happened last season and unless it’s turned around quickly, we’re going down.


Wouldn’t go that far …


So far we only have 1 goal in 6 away games