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Charlton Athletic (A) Tue Jan 1st 2019, 3pm


Not really. I couldn’t care less what he’s done at Norwich personally.

I’ll judge him on what he does, or doesn’t do, in a walsall shirt.


You’re problem with the number of backroom staff really is bizarre. We still have one of the smallest ones in the football league.

As for blaming Keates of course he gets his portion of the blame. He’s taken enough of the credit for the things that have gone well this season.


Ha ha ok mate let’s ignore facts …


There are no facts to ignore. He hasn’t even played or missed a game yet for us.


Give me strength … I’m out


Nah you’re right. He’s missed loads of games for us. Can’t believe we wasted all that money signing him. Fed up of reading a team sheet without his name on



Give credit for today other than a mad first 10 mins played really well

Cookie is on fire

No need to panic should be ok next five games or so


Any chance of reinstating the Ignore function please?
The law of diminishing marginal returns kicked in some time ago.


As Geordie said earlier up this thread, it’s not so much the abysmal games, as the ones we should have won having either bossed the game or thrown away a two goal lead. They could carry the odd bad performance ,if we won a few more of the good ones. We’re failing to win when playing well,the opposite to promotion teams.

I’m not sure it does totally sum it up but it’s another example of us not getting the points some better play seems to have merited .In contrast,when we play unambiguously badly,we’re getting just what we deserve.


Plenty of chances. Not sure what the penalty was for.


Downloadable version


Pretty much accurate, just in the wrong order.


So the difference between the teams was that diving Taylor again!!! Some good crosses there from the over maligned Devlin and Leahy. Cook’s very good form continues…well done to him.


For the second match in a row Roberts let one in through his legs.
We need a half decent back up to give him competition for his place in the team. Not Dunn who is totally useless.
In my opinion he has not improved at all under the coaching of Oakes so that is a position that needs changing too.


Unless something happened before the camera moved onto Fitz and the attacker I cannot for the life of me see what the penalty was for. And why was he booked?


Push in the back. Totally stupid when the cross was just going into Roberts arms anyway.


Been thinking about your response to our chunky today… (sad i know)… but it really made me laugh …

People who don’t know Brownhills won’t get what’s so funny …:rofl:


I ■■■■■■ myself as well :joy: