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Charlton Athletic (A) Tue Jan 1st 2019, 3pm


We need to be able to defend as a team. We are not very good at it. Remarkable really, given that Keates came with a reputation for setting up a stingy defence.


And then explained what else we need.


Sounds like we played well in the second half but paid for our poor start. Anyway cup tie next Saturday in which we have a good chance.After that our season defining 10 games against teams either around us or below us. UTS


and you ignored the rest of it.


Sounds like we gave it a really good go, after a really ■■■■ first 10 minutes. Shame really, a last minute equaliser could have given us a big boost mentally going into next week.


I’ve got a memory like an elephant :wink:

Many have agreed with your view.


If there are I’m in the minority and have been all season. Or is there an entire 3 month long thread on Jack Fitzwater not being good enough too?


Hugely wasteful from a host of decent positions when they were basically inviting us to attack.
Nice of Zeli to spend 5 minutes reminding us that he is stealing a living.


Second half was quite nice, Charlton for long periods were defending the result and offered nothing forward. Cook has chances, others too, another day it could be even a win, but not today. Devlin and Leahy had good crosses and runs, one central mid, to help Dobson cover the area, exchange some passes, would be good (unfortunately, not in the team, maybe Chambers later, but this is big maybe). Still I don’t know why he is a set-piecer. I know he has many qualities, but it’s not one of them. Morris looked good, sprayed some passes well, I was little bit surprised he can play that well as central mid. Only it’s hard to say something about Zeli. He had poor touches, ball wasn’t cooperating with him, but well, another game will be better. Onwards and upwards. Second half had been won :wink:




Oh, ■■■■ and ■■■■■■■■. I’m sure you can interpret that load of hyphens any day.
So disappointing that we have ended up with so few points over the Christmas/New Year period. So near and yet so far. You can’t give decent teams two goal starts and expect to get something out of it.
Er, well, teams playing us seem to manage it, so I’m still talking ■■■■■■■■ (i.e. betties Ha! ■■■■■■■ Ha!)


Clearly you didn’t read it all either.

Obviously these defenders aren’t the answer long term and we could bring in better. Particularly at centre half.

But I did also talk about the positions that could be doing better to help the team defensively.


It’s a collective you say then say particularly at centre half :roll_eyes:
Keep the same back 5 as last yr wen we couldn’t defend and you’ll get the same outcome and yes I did say 5 so not just singling out either of your 2 heroes


Yep. Particularly. As in it’s not all their fault and they all (goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and even strikers) contribute.

Just that centre half is where I would start. I mean wouldn’t you? Are you genuinely telling me that a loanee with two own goals and a shed load of bad defending this season that has already been attempted to replace once this season isn’t where you would start? It would for me.

The other lads are contracted for the most part so then it would come down to budget.

The difference is I’m not scape goating one or two players. They’ve all contributed at some point. I’m just telling you where I’d start.

It’s a good attempt at undermining my point though. Well done.


They are all bang average and it’s getting a bit boring now that we gift goals then play well but don’t score enough for the amount of ball we have. I just hope we manage it this year and then when these contracts given to ■■■■ poor defenders have run out we say thanks, bye and move on. Whitney said he wanted a defence that had a determination to keep the ball out of the net at all costs and then gave us this and made sure we were tied to it for 2 yrs at least


We are in a mess (again). Where is Asps when you need him?

I was saying about a month/6 weeks ago that there’s bigger problems than just League. Whilst I do feel he is a poor player, you’ve gotta look at why he’s getting so exposed…and our central defenders too.

Strangely, weve gone and sold one of our more hard working players (Ginelly) and bought in what looks like a crock. In short, WFC have weakened the squad in the midst of a relegation battle. FFS


Guy hasn’t even had the chance to be a crock yet :joy::joy::joy:


Will it work? It seems yes, so seconds before first goal. As I said, it looked under control and I was surprised it wasn’t.


He’s had 3 years of being a crock at his parent club… or does that not count?


Maybe its time (as I said in another thread) to start apportioning blame to Keates and his merry band of tacticians,they’ve had a few months to get settled in now,and yet every game is like a yo yo or an out of control runaway truck.