Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


2-0 and would you believe it? The invisible man is the scorer. In for a long season


Gash. Utter Gash


I thought he was outstanding against Wycombe. That’s what Cook can do. I’m not blaming him by the way. It’s just my observation. I find him far too inconsistant. It stand by the fact he doesn’t win everything like people keep banging on about as well.


As things stand we’ve also slipped down one place in the League One table - Blackpool lead at Gillingham 0-1 :frowning:


3,719 attendance, 300 from Charlton.

Feels like the season is just drifting away now. The predictable early exit from the cup will add to that.


2-0 and would you believe it? The invisible man is the scorer. In for a long season


The friend for a fiver offer has worked well then!!


60 minutes gone, and still not one shot on target.


A tenna to watch this ■■■■■■■ ■■■■. Feel sorry for those who actually paid full price. Actually glad I’m ill now.


What is it with Keates and not making changes? Dobson has been poor, Ginelly, Leahy, Ferriee have all been poor. Gordons done pretty much nothing. Surely 2 more changes should have been made by now


Who is going to be brave enough to witness Sunderland tearing us a new pair after Bakadonkey knocks us out of the cup and Fleetwood set a new home scoring record?
Can see Coventry fans outnumbering us on Saturday.


It’s taken 67 minutes for us to get our 2nd corner … which leads to a Charlton throw-in !!


Gordon’s had our only chance and he made a sub at half time.




Ismail coming on.


Gash. Another winter of a season dribbling to nothing before some half arsed faffing in January and then limp to the finish line. Tedious, predictable, boring, expected, repeat.


Charlton’s 3rd yellow card, 74 min (Taylor)

Walsall substitution shortly after … (Ismail replaces Gordon)


Only made the change as Osborne was injured. Wouldn’t have happened otherwise


I don’t think i have ever seen so many poor balls?


So, you see this as cheery entertainment then?
Most of us are appalled at this situation, obviously you are encouraged and enthralled by it all, you are not a true supporter, if you were, you too would be as upset as the majority by our current situation…grow up.