Cheltenham Town (H) Tue 16th Feb, 7pm

So, a Pancake Day clash with The Robins, Cheltenham Town. Queue all the crepe pancake jokes coming out.

Cheltenham’s last six results:

16th Jan - Bolton Wanderers (a) - Drew 1-1
19th Jan - Newport County (h) - Drew 1-1
23rd Jan - Manchester City (FAC4) (h) - Lost 3-1
26th Jan - Oldham Athletic (h) - Won 2-0
30th Jan - Forest Green Rovers (a) - Drew 0-0
9th Feb - Harrogate Town (a) - Won 1-0

We got battered by this lot when we played at their place earlier on in the season with a flat performance from us not helping. Maybe this time we can flip the result.

Team selection as usual will be hard to predict, however of the little bit I’ve seen of him, Frank Vincent might be worth a start and hopefully Tyreik Wright (attracting interest from Everton and Celtic no less) is fit enough to start after having to leave early against Mansfield due to injury. Given our preference to play long balls up front, I’d also like to see Lavery dropped and Osei-Yaw given a start as he is surely more physical given his height.

As usual, I’m interested to see which players have played for both clubs along with your memories of these, so get your choices in.

Whatever happens let’s just hope we don’t get battered and get to witness a flipping good game, without a to$ser of a referee.

Walsall vs Cheltenham Town Match Result
  • Walsall win
  • Goalless Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Cheltenham Win

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Match to be postponed, discussion over.

Pitch will look fine to me, but as a fan my observation will be entirely wrong and it will be dangerous.
I hope that Radio WM pay for David Kelly’s attendance at our matches rather than us, as he offers no insight even at relative pitch-side. He hadn’t spotted the shocking playing conditions on Tuesday night and was completely bemused by the abrupt ending. Waste of money.

Got to say I’m really struggling to care now, especially after the other night.

Obviously we are in with a shot of the play offs but do we really look like a play off team? Do we look like anything other than a chuck job, that has settled for mid table (I know, I know “future of the club”). Not to me.

I’ll still chuck my tenner in and I’ll still chip in to the fund but after 2 Saturday games called off you’d think this would have some level of anticipation but I have this horrible feeling I can predict anything that will happen. Team sheet will have a name on it that feels like it’s been plucked from thin air while the loanees (other than Melbourne), Jack Rose and Cameron Norman freeze their ■■■■■■■■ off on the bench. 90 Minutes of “keeping it tight” with a scraped goal either way, leading us to either A) Hold on for dear life or B) Desperately throw all of our attackers on. If B look for Darrell Clarke to take credit for “having to change things up a bit”.

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Game will be off.

Think we might struggle if this is on. Completely outplayed and out thought in the project at their place.

Can Darrell mastermind a turnaround?


If it’s off its a bit of a joke. No rain to speak of with none forecast between now and the game. No snow for the little cherrubs to worry about. If a bit of frost in the morning is enough to call the game off and we can’t sort that out then we are in dire straights.

Not saying it won’t be though. I really don’t think the club are arsed either way.

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DC has said this morning that the club are struggling massively to get it on, -4 over night so no chance pal.

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If only there was some way we could cover and heat the pitch …

Madness. Wouldn’t be an issue with tickets sold.

I think it will be off although the pitch cover is supposed to give protection to -5c.

Maybe the game will be played Tuesday has neither of us have a game booked In.


Postponed until Tuesday …in view of the weather forecast a sensible decision.

Warms up next week so yes will be played on Tuesday I guess.

Must be record in the season of not playing a Saturday game for around a month, last one was Vale and that was three weeks back I think.

Bit harsh some of the criticism on here, especially with 7 of tomorrow’s other 11 League Two games being called off already.

If the pitch was close to freezing at the end of the game on Tuesday, has been covered in that near frozen state since, and was forecast to not go above freezing tomorrow, how could it possibly have been on?

Forecast is for rain all day Tuesday so it will probably be called off due a waterlogged pitch then though :man_facepalming:

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What’s the pools panel prediction going to be?

In the ifollow commentary on Tuesday I think they said its been something like 10 years since we have had a 2 and half weeks gap between games in mid-season.

Just seen that with Covid and the weather Carlisle have now had 10 postponements since Christmas. Shame one of the few games they have actually played since then was when they beat us!

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Some on here were suggested he should be our new Manager on the basis of his commentary insight🤣

Despite being in relative touching distance of the play offs, we are in fact a million miles away.


As the game is now due to now be played on Shrove Tuesday, I predict the match will be flat as a pancake and the ref a to**er.