Chris Hussey Retires

Chris who !

Cheers mate. We appreciate that. Could he not at least wait till January :roll_eyes:


That leaves us in the shit a bit.Let’s hope the others stay fit.


Who starts a new job and retires 2 months after? - Bizarre and quite disrespectful of him to sign in the first place if this was also on this mind. Anyway - hopefully this means McEntee slots into the back 3 now + can see Menayese getting some game time. Don’t think Dave and Williams are quite ready to be regular starters yet.

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3 at the back is even worse with 3 right footers. Dave looked dreadful on the left of the 3 at Salford and Taylor Allen, while decent against Colchester, is completely unproven in that position, so this is a big blow…

Nice of him to wait till after the transfer window shut.


Shame to see him go, wasn’t necessarily the top quality player, I expected but certainly still reasonable for this level especially coming forward.

We now have a very young backline especially with Daniels taking a knock so it’s a lot of responsibility on them

Wonder why this keeps happening to us? Clarke last year effectively retiring as a pro, now Hussey

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Good job we signed Dave.
Good opportunity for Taylor Allen.

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I think it’s got more to do with who we sign rather than Walsall FC driving players into retirement - if we sign knackered players don’t be surprised when they retire! - Stephen Ward was another. To be fair recruitment this year has mostly focused on under 25’s which is a good thing.


Clarke was understandable nobody would predict their families health.

Hussey it was said he was at staffs uni and it’s why he came here so I wonder if his new opportunity is linked to that and if so then we were very naive to sign him.

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Any one else actually belive the ‘Completely Saddled’ endorsed data driven approach to signings. What a load of bxxxxxxs

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What sort of data do you think we could use to anticipate a player completing his degree and being offered an opportunity of a new career path within a few weeks that he felt was too good to pass up? :clown_face:

This has nothing to do with fitness or football data it’s simply his choice to pursue something that extends his working career beyond the near end of a football one.

You’d have though with all the research you did into Sadlers second career you’d have understood that.


Or it pushes Sadler into sticking with a back 4 and playing priestly and Daniels. Foulkes also looked a lot more solid in a back 4. Hopefully it forces Sadler into scrapping the wing backs


Wow bit of a shit show this. Crap player to be fair but leaves us short.

Cheers for nothing.


Disappointed to hear this. I thought he was a quality player in the short time he’s been with us.

The headline made me assume it was an injury curtailing his career, but sounds like it’s a business opportunity for him.

Pure disrespect
Hired by a club to do a job, gets himself red carded for being an idiot in an important game when we were struggling then goes and retires before we can even replace him so he can further his career elsewhere in a job he’d rather be at !
Injury or family I’d understand
Nicely done fella you ass


Really is. Basically, “I don’t give a shit about the club, bye”.


Until we know the reason for him retiring we shouldn’t condem him. I can imagine a few on here saying " oh,in that case I can understand him retiring".