Chris Hussey Retires

Ultimately it’s a route into the PFA which of course is very well paid if you get up to chief exec or other top level roles in it.

Only have to look at Ben Purkiss. Started off as the club rep for PFA here and worked his way up to chairman after 5 years on management committee (which D&I will be part of). Infact didn’t he actually come back here as non contracted player for a bit?

As for D&I…whatever Littlejohn in the Daily Mail says it is a growing area for most organisations and certainly in football. Actually went to a D&I networking event at a Law Firm in Brum two weeks ago that had over 100 in attendance. Annoyingly one sector that dosen’t really value it much is recruitment given I’m autistic and was out of work for a good few months in 2022 but can’t have everything I guess.

Interesting what knowledge Hussey has of the sector to get the plum role, sure we’ll find out in another interview later on in the season.


If he was going to go then he should have gone while the transfer window was still open - I think he’s shown a lack of respect for the club and I don’t like it. He’s left us in the lurch a bit!

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I knew Ben when he was Chair of the PFA, had some really tough times as he took on Gordon Taylor. As it is a registered charity I’m not sure whether being Chair was a remunerated role, from a monetary perspective it was more of a gravy train for Taylor.

From recollection I believe one Matt Sadler was also a committee member at the same time.

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Doth one not liketh that!

Much ado about nothing.


Here we go……

5, 4, 3, 2, 1………

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All’s well that ends well.

Walsall must have agreed to it, or they’d have bard him from signing.

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Bollocks to him couldnt care less now would’ve ended up being crap and past it anyway

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A classic Shakespeare quote :grin:

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What Shakespeare play is that from @Killer78 ?

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" The Brazen Hussey." One of his lesser-known comedies.

Alas, poor Chris “I knew him not well”

He has seen better days, is in poor condition… worn out.

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Uh-huh, it was the Manfreds

" A Mann for All Seasons." Wrong playwright.

If I speak I am in trouble

A scurvey monster indeed, I could find it in my heart to beat him

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