Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas everyone :mx_claus:

What does Christmas Day have in store for you all?


Bit of a relaxing day tomorrow , let the kids play go a nice walk later with the family and the dog and then round the mother in laws for Xmas dinner,will be a bit of strange one as we lost the father in law this year.

Merry Christmas to al you saddlers out there🍻, UTS


Grown up kids both away for Xmas day.
We’ll be hosting my recently widowed father in law (40 mile round trip to collect and drop off) and my semi incontinent deaf dad.
Can’t wait. It’s gonna be great :joy:


Oh yeah

Happy Christmas to everyone on UTS especially the ones who drive me mad :grin:


15 hour shift


Slow day planned.
Breakfast, presents. 11’s/brunch. Walk the long/scenic way to the local, so 2mile rather than 1/2 mile.
Swift half. Home the 1/2 mile way. Late afternoon Christmas dinner/tea. Followed by relaxing.
Oh and other drinks may be consumed at random intervals.
Merry Christmas all. :partying_face:


We’ll be up bright and early for a full English, exchanging of presents, then I’ve not watched the Accrington game back yet as I was out with the Mistress so I plan on watching that mid morning. Off to the local pub for a couple of Brandy Alexander’s whilst Mrs King Crod cooks the goose and all the yuletide trimmings, we’ve got 8 this year to entertain and then we’ll alm settle down for the Kings Speech at 3pm. From them on a few parlour games and some cheese and port for tea before we settle on a fish supper and a Bond movie of Mrs King Crods choice.


Is it still 1973 where you live ?
Won’t you be watching The Black and White Minstrel show

Happy Christmas to all on here

Happy Christmas to all. We’ll be having a quiet Christmas due to us all now having Covid. My brother in law has cancelled coming to ours for the day as he is meeting up later in the week with some close friends who have a child who is very vulnerable to illness due to a disability. It’s nice just to spend time in taking it easy though.


Happy Christmas fellow saddlers

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Weird one this year, haven’t really felt in the “spirit” so to speak, just seems to have cropped up. My eldest (9) is at the stage where the magic is wearing off whereas the youngest (6) is still very much a true believer so it’s been a balancing act.

Just a quiet day planned (hopefully). Kids up, presents, brekkie, dinner prep and cook, festive family arguments, afternoon nap, festive family forgiveness - all washed down with a few beverages.

Merry Christmas to all - here’s to more Walsall mediocrity and polar opposite opinions in 2024! UTS


Yeah merry Xmas to one and all have a good un dont be lonely reach out someone will be there

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Forget the Walsall game and I’m sure you will have a great Xmas👍

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Merry Christmas one and all.


Merry Xmas everyone, family day for me

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Tough one this Xmas because I lost my dad in July but got my mom round plus the kids so it will be good :+1:
Happy Xmas to you all x


Merry Christmas :santa: :christmas_tree: UTS

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Happy Christmas everyone!
A comment on another thread is that the club doesn’t deserve its fans. Given the turgid stuff we endure year after year I think we are a quite remarkable set of people. Either that or gullible fools!

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Blessed and Joyful Christmas to all. UTS