He said he was happy with this squad at the end of the transfer window. It’s terrible!

Clarke out

Wehey :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

They ain’t even off the pitch yet and it’s started. :smile:


Squad terrible , system terrible. If we’re gonna lose then at least set up and have ago instead of trying to defend and lose anyway

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OK it’s not great, but Clarke out?

It’s not great :joy::joy:you can say that again.

Indeed it ain’t. But getting rid of the manager aint the answer.

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Stop poking the chimp.


Ok let’s keep doing the same things and expect different results


To be fair he’s not going to say it’s ■■■■ is he?

We’ve always shopped in the bargain bins but this season it’s those burnt bits scraped of the bottom of the pan when you burn your dinner. In other words, unless your absolutely starving it belongs in the bin.

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I’m guessing the 86 is your birth year? Are you really a person in their thirties?

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The squad isn’t good enough fair enough but why keep playing this defensive system and losing anyway? At least set up and have ago cause we’re losing anyway.

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Do one you worm

If you’re going to disagree with the bloke,disagree,but don’t insult him by calling him a chimp.

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Hasn’t got the personnel, budget is crap but it’s his fault he hasn’t got any balance in the squad.

Don`t worry, we will gel soon.

Cuz you never do that, do you Sid? :smile:

Yeah but it’s ridiculous isn’t it?

Who have called names without being provoked?

For a second I thought I was on Molineux Mix.

This season was always about steadying the ship and putting things in place, next season we will be alot better off for it.

Calling for Clarke’s dismissal is ridiculous.