Clarkey Out

Too many errors. Can’t even score penalties. This is basic


Talks a good game but we aren’t making any progress.


Can’t blame Clarke for a penalty miss

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Just for his team selection and tactics

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No but you can for everything else

No you can’t.

The performance however was largely terrible agains team who at kick off had just 3 draws from 11/12 games in this very mediocre league so gives an idea of their quality.

They played their hearts out today but I’m sure they’ve done that in other games and lost 2 or 3 nil.

Any hope of top 7 challenge you simply have to be winning these type of games.

Really can’t see any way another mid table season can be tolerated.

Can blame him for the system he plays and by rights if last season had played out he’d be gone with his son and the bearded wonder.

Did anyone think that the penalty would go in. Not just Adebayo, with heads down anyone in that team was likely to miss. The game long had the smell of ‘Walsall nil’ about it.
I think we do have a set of players who can compete in this division. It needs a new manger though who can set them up properly and motivate them…not wave his badges around and confuse the life out of them…and us too.


He is turning out to be one of the worst managers we have had in a long time


Realistically we are not in a position to remove him, pay off the rest of his contract whilst appointing someone else that isn’t a simpleton. Club just doesnt have the money.

But, this can not continue much longer. One last chance for me due to the current circumstances. They have got to start getting results and actually playing in a vaguely entertaining way. My patience is cheap bog roll thin now.

I’d also prefer it if as well as managers you could sack players. When your struggling to pass the ball, your taking the ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

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Yep! I’d give him 3 more games.

This is 4th division football. Keep it simple, keep it consistent, keep it positive; play your best team etc… etc… etc…

We haven’t progressed and aren’t progressing. We’re at best slightly harder to beat at worse not going to win.

Clarke is lucky that Leigh can’t afford the change & their are no fans in the stadium to tell him to do so.

3 more games for me.

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It not going to change Derby. Not without a tough decision from the owner.

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I think that despite all of his apparent love for the club, I don’t think he gives a toss and that goes for half of the players

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Your point is spot on we’ve got to get through this season and cringe on the football and results.

Have to agree he is walking a real thin rope

My patience is certainly out paying £10 for that every week

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Clarke out ! Said it for a while now he is clueless , doesn’t know his best team or tactics . Just a poor manager. I understand the finances but surely we can still save this season??

I’ve backed him and wanted him to do well but the football is really bad, and results aren’t much better, then there’s results such as tonights sickener thrown in and it just turns into a horrible mess with us looking miles off being a promotion contender.

Thanks for trying your best, thanks for caring (which I believe he really does), thanks for changing the mindset last season from the one before that, but we’re really not going anywhere under him. Shame.


“Rubbish performance”

“They’re my players”

“If they don’t want to be bog standard league 2 players they need to show it on consistant basis”

“Missing penalty and then conceding sums us up”

“How long do they keep learning? Today showed me one or two of them aren’t good enough to get us out of this league.”

Post match on WM.

Don’t think we’ll be seeing Bates or CCM for a very long time starting. If other Clarke was fit Jules would probably be scapegoat again.

Sinclair, Guthrie and Sadler all starting next week imo. When you feel job is on line you go to most experienced team you can put out.

I respect his honesty but the performances have been getting worse on week by week basis which you can’t defend anymore given the mediocre opposition most weeks.

Think it w

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I am not a great fan of sacking managers but even I am beginning to think it is time for a change. As P.T. said on the match thread there are some players here who can be useful at this level but they are not being coached properly and if we are not careful some will simply fade away.I don’t envy LP at this time and I don’t think the Manager will go but with a largely young and badly managed squad we are in perilous waters,


We won’t sack him because we can’t afford to and he won’t resign, you’ve all just to put up with him I’m afraid.