Club Shop Down

Been like this all weekend:…

… like yesteryear.

… I ended up buying a gift from elsewhere.

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It’s probably been down between the hours of 4 and 2 :wink:


You could say that the football team has been offline for about 9 months! We need a significant re-boot this summer.

Just another miss by the club.

Club Shop Down…the much duller follow-up to Black Hawk Down.


Has it ever been up? :thinking: :laughing:

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I didn’t realise they’d starting selling it. I’ve been looking for some more to fill out my rather limp pillows.

Join the fuckin club …


Absolute joke of a club!

It’s 2021 :man_facepalming:t2:

Odd that they’ve not even put out any communication about it.

This is what WFC do best, they have had years of perfecting it

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The club did put a post on the website on 23rd April saying that the online shop was closing for routine maintenance. I don’t think it’s been back online since!

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Let’s just hope it’ll be worth the wait with all the old rubbish they couldn’t give away let alone sell removed from there .

We as a club should be trying to maximise income and the online club shop should be a hive of activity when no one can visit the shop but want to buy stuff and support the club .

Come on guys and gals this should be sorted , and get some new interesting products on there please .

I suspect that the extent of the routine maintenance will have been darning the holes they have discovered in the batch of goalkeeper’s gloves.

Almost two weeks it’s been down, unbelievable in this day & age.

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We’re so bad at the shop side of things, like really really bad. I can’t imagine how anyone with any qualifications is running that side of things. It’s a shambles, the site is horrible when it’s even up and half the kit sizes are out of stock most of the time.


We’re bad at every side. It’s like we’re trying to outdo ourselves year by year. Leigh and his cronies are doing a marvellous job tho


I’m sure Gamble and Mole will be utilising all their management and commercial expertise to sort this minor blip, there again!!!

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Club shop’s down we’ll all go down, we’ll all go down together…