Club Statement - Apology to supporters


Not good enough for me.

Heard it all before.

I’m actually fairly surprised Leigh didn’t personally address us.


Nothing about the H&S issues.


Nothing about how to reduce queues other than more staff. I’d have liked something about vending machines / pop up bars etc
Nothing about improving match day experience other than mixing all the stuff that shouldn’t be a problem anyway.
Come on Walsall must do better

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It’s a start, but I won’t be happy till it’s backed up by actions.

Easy to say what you’re going to do, following it through is what will be judged.

As Thanatos says and others have said, we’ve heard it all before.


Not posted all day, posted a weak response at 4pm and then six minutes later post something else to knock it down the feed :joy::joy::joy:


I understand that’s a quickly cobbled together statement.

I await improvements. I won’t hold my breath

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Neither will I. I’m STILL waiting for my season ticket to be emailed out. I’ve now lost count the amount of times I’ve been told it’ll be sent.

Looks like another early visit to the ticket office pre-game tomorrow with a 4 year old in tow :roll_eyes:

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Players must of been told they can come out of hiding now and start posting on twitter again

Rubbish statement.
They’re implying that Elavon, TicketMaster and Covid are to blame.
No mention of stocking the bars with enough beer and decent food.
No mention of training some more of the stewards to operate the turnstiles.
No mention of fixing the toilets.
No mention of buying more card readers

I could go on.


We will ensure there is a back up system in place to allow supporters to purchase food and beverage should the EPOS System go down for any reason whatsoever;

May I suggest a thing called…cash? The “system” that never goes down, is easy to use, and has worked for centuries?


Waste of time having a back up system if they don’t have enough food and drink to sell in the first place. They really have just missed the point yet again


I suspect that is the backup system they’re talking about but they didn’t want to say it. :rofl:


No public apology to affected staff. I hope they receive one personally.


Didn’t expect much more. The things they have outlined shouldn’t take more than one day to fix so expect big improvements on Tuesday. We shall see.

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In all fairness they can’t fix the issues overnight, the statement is fair.

Personally I’m more concerned about the lack of strikers, this is just recycled nonsense which won’t be fixed whilst the same people remain in charge.

Mole is the one who’s heads on the block with all of this:

No mention of the tannoy problems or any acknowledgement of the sanitary issues.
It’s all hot air - not the sanitary issues!!
Joking apart, we’ve heard it all before, and actions apeak louder than words.

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Can’t they? Test a ticket system, put on a basic level of service and ring a plumber? Doesn’t seem more than a days work to me to be honest.

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There was never an overnight fix for the food and beverage debacle, we have another game tomorrow, should of been plenty in reserve and then order more for tomorrow if stocks became low, simple.