Code of conduct

And even in these times we have to go an collect in person. Big queus probably.

Just post them out ffs



I read this from your original post

Yes , both are cut and paste from the original email by the club.
It would have been much better if they were consistent.

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It’s their way of ensuring the forms are signed, which they will need to show that they are doing everything that is being asked of them.

Also, working for RM, it’s very busy at the moment and not all of the post is going out on time each day for various reasons. I can imagine how happy you’d be if you didn’t have your ST delivered until the Monday after the Saturday :rofl:

It means I have to drive an hour and a half each way to get my ticket when I don’t normally have any need to visit the area except when I go to a match.

Call them up (when the time comes) I am sure they can work something out for you.


Might make the burgers taste better :laughing:


Yeah I understand that, I forgot its Christmas :joy:

It will be an absolute nightmare though. Guarantee it

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It’s never simple. It’s the Walsall way!

With a limit of 2000 (unless the rules change again) at least you won’t have to wait ages for a drink in the Stadium Suite - although it won’t be open anyway. Well not unless they’re doing “substantial meals”.

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They have scotch eggs on the menu :wink:

I don’t know what Walsall are doing, but I have heard other clubs have had their stadium suites open and selling beers (without a substantial meal)

At Boldmere they were also serving alcohol on match days, don’t know about Rushall? mind you they were selling alcohol at Walsall Wood and there wasn’t even a game on :joy: :wink:

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Yeah I meant league clubs, I can’t think where I heard it now, it was on the radio, possibly 5 live.

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Face coverings doesn’t mean masks.

Every game I’ve been to this season I’ve just worn a scarf, which Is something I normally do at football apart from the very early and late months of the season… which we havn’t had this season anyway. Slightly different in non-league where you can drink whilst watching the game.

Every other point is just a box ticking exercise, nobody knows who’s in anyones “social bubble”, all the “encouraging” ie re contactless payments, public transport “taking care when singing” is lip-service, and everything else is just common sense. Literally the only unusual thing is the temperature check. I’ve been to about 15 games this season in non-league, had my temperature checked at the first game and that was the last time.

This checking of temperatures is a waste of time as when we had Covid none of us had a raised temperature.


Has everyone had their email as I’ve not had this yet

Me and my dad have had an e-mail, but it’s on the OS anyway -

That’s very true cat , I temperature check 76 people daily at work and people have passed and still had covid , it’s just one of the symptoms which might , just might show up on people , so I suppose its better than doing nothing at all .