Colchester United (A) 7th Sept, 3pm

"From haunts of coot and hern"


Off to deepest Essex to do battle with the “U’s”, who currently lie mid-table with a perfect palindromic record - W2 D2 L2 Goals 6-6. We are currently 3 points adrift of that position but we would need a win of 0-3 or better to do the leapfrog, and surely even our most optimistic fans wouldn’t predict us to score 3 goals in 90 minutes…

Colchester United’s current League 2 form looks like this:-

Aug 3 Port Vale (H) Drew 1-1
Aug 10 Plymouth Argyle (A) Lost 1-0
Aug 17 Cambridge United (H) Lost 1-2
Aug 20 Grimsby Town (A) Drew 2-2
Aug 24 Northampton Town (H) Won 1-0
Aug 31 Oldham Athletic (A) Won 0-1

There are no current player connections between the two clubs, but on the managerial side John Ward has been at both, and of course we can’t overlook the mercurial Roy McDonough - as player/manager he guided the U’s back to the Football League from the Conference whilst on his way to establishing a record that apparently still stands today … 22 dismissals!!

Darrell Clarke used the largely meaningless game against Coventry City to see how some of the fringe players performed - Jack Rose and Shay Facey may well have given him food for thought. He will also be more aware of which players could be overlooked in case we get any penalties. Incidentally, that game at St. Andrews was watched by a bumper crowd of 1,005 - it must have been like a mausoleum.

Prediction? Not much chance of our scoring 3 in this one, and perhaps it’s pushing the boat out a bit to even think of a single goal … but in an optimistic frame of mind we could perhaps come away with 3 points from a 0-1 win, the goal courtesy of Rory Gaffney?



Sticking with my prediction, 2-1 to the saddlers because it’s time for DC to get the team right after 6 games :wink:

Yes time for a win 2-0 for me.

No idea who might score though, but I’ve got my new fangled IPTV being installed tomorrow with 4 gazillion channels, so I can now watch every game.
Happy days :smile:


So now you’ll be able to comment on games as though you were really there live , should please a couple on here mate …:wink::laughing:

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Clarke Scarr Sadler Pring
Holden Guthrie Sinclair Hardy
Gaffney Lavery

2-1 win

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Heart tells me 0-1 win to us, head tells me 0-0.

Hats off to all that are going, I’ve never done their ground, I looked at the train prices and it was £83 pounds return, ouch! Give that a miss. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Expecting a tough game, surely our side has to click at some point. Can’t see it being this weekend though. Colchester 2-0 Walsall. It’s going to get worse before it gets better in my opinion, but it will get better eventually.


Plenty of possession , plenty of huff and puff.,but for me another defeat.

I agree on this weekend’s result.

But I’m losing a bit of faith that it will get better.

The chopping and changing each week is very Keates-esque. Feeling a bit dice rolling rather than a plan just now.

I went for the 4-4 a few years ago. A long trip from Walsall - an absolute grueller from Liverpool. I shan’t be returning tomorrow!


An improved performance resulting in a 2-0 loss

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I think he’s been stumped by recruitment, the team chops and changes because we don’t have any automatic picks.

We have nothing that the opposition looks at and fears.

0-0 at best, but more likely a loss.

These are a bang average League 2 side. I hope we are too. Can’t believe I’d take a draw.

You’re right.

Our best hope, and it is just hope rather than faith, is that Guthrie makes a creative difference and one or two of the strikers hit a rich seam soon.

I am hoping it’ll start to turn for us tomorrow, and say a 0 - 1 to the saddlers, Gaffney :crossed_fingers:

Heart says 0-0.
Head says we’ll make mistakes in possession again and get punished - again. A 1 nil or 2 nil loss.

First of all tip my hat to anyone going, if you’re going by train then have to go in and out the other side of London so good three hour trip. Coach will be a nightmare aswell. I believe the ground is a mini Reading, soulless and miles out of town.

As for the game will be semi optimistic and go for 1-1. I look at Colchester’s attacking options (Luke Norris, Paris Cowan Hall, Theo Robinson, Franck Nouble and Callum Harriott) and that’s the depth and variety you need to challenge for promotion from league 2. They’ve had a slow start but picking up now, won their last two 1-0 so that seems a very likely scoreline.

Reality is I can’t see team keeping a clean sheet against that attack and it’s hard enough to score one goal at present. Grimsby last week was a really poor defeat.

I remember that. Wasn’t it something like 2 up in no time, then 3-2 down in next to no time then think Walsall went back up 4-3 and there was last minute equaliser involved. Whatever happened to Freddie Sears who was their best player in those days.

When you look at what happened that was a costly two points dropped. Colchester finished bottom I think and Burton went there right at the end of the season and won 3-0 (same day as the apocalypse at Bradford).


Absolutely nailed on.

Or 0-0.
Or a one or two goal win for either side.

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