Colin Lee 'Worst Manager Ever'

Just read this from an interview with Jamie Lawrence - Colin Lee was the worst manager ever:

“I left Bradford (in 2002) for Walsall and played for the worst manager ever,” he says. “Colin Lee had been my coach at Leicester but he was a nightmare.

“I signed with a minute to spare. I should have waited another minute! Lee messed me about. He gave me two extra weeks off one summer after I had been playing for Jamaica in the Gold Cup but then called me back after two days because they had lost a friendly.

“We had a ‘Tuesday Club’, lads like Paul Merson, Vinny Samways and Darren Wrack going out together. I got the blame for leading them astray!

“He sent me to Wigan, which was great as I could play for ‘Jagger’ (Paul Jewell) again. I was flying and Wigan were going for promotion.

“But the horrible man at Walsall said, ‘No, we need you for a relegation battle’. So, I had to go back. I didn’t play at all and six weeks later Walsall paid me up. But the move to Wigan had gone by then. I then had a final year at Brentford under Martin Allen, who was not my sort of manager.”

Wow imagine being asked to do your job, crazy!


I mean, if I was given two weeks off and it was cancelled 2 days in I’d probably be pretty ■■■■■■ off to be fair.

It was cancelled because the manger felt that the club needed him?

The club who pays his wage.


Does that explain the why he gave what I still think is the most disgraceful performance by any Walsall player ever away at Bradford in 2003/4 when he basically just stood in the middle of the pitch talking to his City ex-teammates and didn’t even pretend to be interested in the game?

I can put up with a player not being very good so long as they put the effort in (so you would never have heard me badmouthing Leahy, Gary Birch, Brett Angel, etc during games) but what Lawrence did that day was totally unforgiveable for a professional player.


Situation is still comparable to what I said though. I probably wouldn’t give a ■■■■ how desperate my boss was.

Well I’m guesskng the boss would probably not think to highly of you then.

What boss would cancel 2 weeks leave two days in and not expect his staff to be ■■■■■■ off about it?

Depends how the boss delivers that news I suppose.


Come on! Imagine for a second your boss doing that to you. He could deliver the news by 10 supermodels and I’m still not sure you, or anybody else, would be happy about it.

I get he was a ■■■■ player, but nobody would be happy with that.

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I wouldn’t say it was common but I have known my company call people back from abroad if there was a crisis that they were needed for (as a last resort of course, they don’t do it lightly).

Would have had to be a pretty serious situation though if you had to call on Jamie Lawrence to help you out - I’d have gone for Swifty first!!


I’m sorry, but it’s ■■■■■■■ ridiculous to expect anybody to be happy with that.

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I like and trust my current boss so if she was asking me to come back it would be for a good reason. Depends where I was whether I could come back in but I wouldn’t automatically be annoyed with it.

If your boss is so nice she wouldn’t break employment law by asking you to cancel your annual leave outside of the notice of at least the length of the break. And certainly not while you are on it.

It does have to be exceptional circumstances for an employer to even think about it.

But read again what JL says - he was given an EXTRA 2 weeks off and it was during this that he was called back, it wasn’t like he had no break at all.

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Always two sides to a story and I bet Colin Lee’s take on it is completely different

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Typical professional footballer that self centred he cannot release some of the crap he is spouting. Colin lee one of the best managers in my time and kept us in the championship. Players let him down badly merscum absolute waste of time as a man and a player.

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Employment law?? Lee gave him extra time off. Probably doing him a favour.

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No I know, I was answering the poster about his boss.

I don’t care who you are, if you are given time off and it’s cancelled part the way through by your boss, in any job, you have a right to be ■■■■■■ off.

Good for you if you are such a little angel that you wouldn’t be.

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