My opinions on our former striker :

First of all like all Tranmere fans, I was gutted when the big man left.Hes a goalscorer, and if fed (no pun intended Cookie!) right, he will get you goals even at L1 level.I remember the first time I saw Cook, during the warm up against his former club Barrow who we had just signed him from, and thinking ‘blimey, hows he a footballer?’ But little did I know he would smash us back to the Football League.When you look at Cook’s physique you will raise your eyebrows, and even more so at the size of his gut.But don’t be fooled, as Cookie gets by fine, and keeps up with the game.He’s not pretty on the eye but he scores goals, and that’s what strikers get paid for.He did it well for us anyway at 25.5 goals per season over the two years, and that strike rate could of been a lot better, given how many matches he missed.

Cook’s probably the best ive seen in the air at Tranmere for 20 years.If Keates has players who can cross a good ball, then Cook will head home half (at least) of them.Its the aggression he shows to get there and hes a nightmare to defend against.Dont worry though, he can also play on the deck and put them away with either foot.Ive seen him score 4-5 25 yarders, and a 35 yarder (Eastleigh at home) top corner, so the good thing for you is he scores all types of goals.

Cook plays with plenty of aggression, which I loved.Hes also abit of a wind up merchant towards opposition fans after scoring against them.Maybe part of this was them calling him a fat ******* , for Cook to then head the ball into their top corner.I think its in his nature though, but it adds to the atmosphere, which is a good thing.

Cook’s not a striker who will run the channels, or put in a mega shift.But hes someone who will always score goals.Providing Keates plans to play him from the start and gives him crosses, he will do well for you.Cooks not perfect, and hes only ever played non league, but he deserves this chance after over 100 goals in the last 4 seasons.Get behind him and don’t worry when you first see him in person :wink:


Thank you T, looking forward to seeing him play and see how he adjusts to league 1 football. Wishing you all the best too buddy. Bet you lot can’t wait for the season to start. Ps well done for being the only Merseyside team to achieved anything last season and being the only team to have won any silverware , enjoy your bragging rights :grin:

Haha, many thanks, and don’t worry ive let ALL the blue and red noses realise this already.

I think Cook will do fine, but like I say Keates needs to trust him with a starting place.Get plenty of crosses into the box and he will score goals.Hes awkward looking but puts himself about.I just hope though, that Keates doesn’t give him 15 mins here and 10 mins there as a sub, especially after watching him play and score against his Wrexham side.Cook was outstanding for us and far too good for that division so deserves his chance.

Oh yeah, and the lad gives shocking interviews :joy: (But he scores goals!)

Got some fond memories of us playing at Tranmere in the 80’s “T” i was hammered and stud in the home end singing walsall songs and promptly got knocked out cold for about 20 mins until my mates carried me round to our end :joy::joy: happy days :wink: good luck for the season ahead, and hopefully we will end up plaiyng each other again, but this time i will be with the wife and on my best behavior :wink:

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I’m sure the Tranmere fans meant that in good humour, honest.

Cheers and best of luck to you.

I’m looking forward greatly this summer, after escaping that pit of a division.The 3 seasons down there felt like 30 seasons they really did, and I pray we never have to compete there again.


Thanks for the insight on our new striker visiting T.

Have fond memories of watching plenty of TRFC games around the Aldridge& Kelly days due to my ex being closely involved with the club. Even went to Wembley for your Worthies final against the foxes. Wish you success for the new season. Would be good to visit Prenton Park with the saddlers again some time in the future.

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I’d be surprised if we don’t get him on a much stricter diet and fitness regime than he was on at Tranmere, so I’d expect him to be a leaner version of himself by the time we see him…

Agree, no way will he be allowed to be out of shape at a professional club.

Interesting stuff. Think if he scores a few early he could become a massive fan favourite like Rammell.

Would raise an issue with the Tranmere fan…you said in your OP he misses a fair few matches. Is he injury prone or just struggles to do the 2 games in 72 hours bit with how he’s conditioned?

Thanks for the piece anyway.

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SaddlerHQ, no hes not injury prone.

In his first season, he had a nasty finger injury.Reports were he was doing weights in the gym and his hand slipped forcing a few of his fingers to be badly injured.Think he missed 3-4 matches, but then returned early (we were struggling for goals) with his fingers and hand heavily strapped.Cook carried on scoring like he normally does.Also the same season towards the end Micky Mellon brought back Cole Stockton from his loan spell, and had a policy of between him and Cook if one doesn’t score the other lad starts the next game.So, Cook didn’t score in one particular match, got dropped, for Stockton to then come in and score goal after goal.Cook then had to make do with sub games (scored in a few) , and left on bench for that years Play Off final, which we lost 3-1.Cook hit 23 goals in 32 starts that first season.

Last season, for some strange reason Mellon started the campaign with Cook on the bench (think he only started 2 in the first 12 games), which resulted in us ending up with 3 wins in the first 12 and being just above the relegation zone.Cook was then restored to the starting 11, and hit 28 goals in roughly 36 starts or thereabouts (including our two Play Off matches).

So no hes not injury prone, just abit of bad management and a really bad hand injury meant he couldn’t better 25.5 goals per season over two years.

And VulcanXH558, I was at the League Cup final myself, albeit only 15 at the time.Great day for our club despite the result.Lets hope we are both League One clubs shortly, all the best to you and Walsall.


Haven’t had a proper striker down here since Bradshaw so it’ll be interesting to see whether he can make the step up and score the goals.

Looks like a right handful from what I’ve seen so far and I can’t wait to see him in a Walsall shirt.


Thanks for the write up and good luck in league two next season. Any reports on young Ginnelly? Did he create much for Cook?

jjunior9, Ginnelly was in and out the side really.I really cant recall if he had any assists for Cook sorry, but he did look dangerous.Hes got bags of potential, tricky and fast.Scored a great goal 20-25 yards out in the Play Off semi, was right behind the strike myself and he can certainly strike a football.

Watch from 2 mins 40 seconds for Ginnellys strike.

Few videos on Cook here, which some have probably seen.

Tranmere Rovers - Ebbsfleet United 4-2 05-05-2018 Highlights National League - YouTube 26 seconds in for a great header in the final at Wembley and rest of his goals from 2 mins 30 seconds.Few great ones missing there though.

Probably my favourite below, last minute winner against local rivals Chester away.

Apologies if the links don’t work :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention, notice after Cooks Chester strike, he runs straight to their fans causing a good riot :slight_smile: But to be fair they were screaming 'you fat ******* for 89 mins before that goal…

Cooks goals, plenty of them including a 35 yarder top corner on 2 mins 30 seconds.

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Last one I promise!

From his first season at us, 1 mins 7 seconds, showing his quality with headers.

Thank you. Exciting times for both of our teams, I’m sure. We all love a challenge! :grinning:

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I like that big flag that gets waved when you score. Wouldnt mind one of those at ours. Might get the bedsheet one back out.

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Joking ain’t ya? As soon as someone waved that at The Banks’s Bonser would be on to a steward to get it removed as it was obstructing the view of an advertising hoarding and he might lose £2.50 in revenue :pound:

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