Could George Miller be our new Jorge Leitao

What can I say about this guy? Oy been here 4 weeks and I love the bloke already. Still learning the game, but he has so much strength and turn of pace he is great. Certainly he wants to try and score goals. Seems to have fantastic attitude, and seems to really like being here, which isn’t something that you can say about a lot of our previous loans. Hopefully when Wilkinson is fit and playing out on the right instead of Phillips then he will get even more service and find more space up front.

I know it’s an impossible act to try and emulate the connection that Jorge had with the Walsall fans, and Bradshaw was probably last striker we had that came anywhere near what we all felt for Jorge, and his performances. But with Miller I just feel that there is something there that if we keep on getting behind him and showing him the “love” we can tempt him here for a permanent move when his contract expires in the summer. Obviously this is where the club need to make sure that they don’t go and cock this one up and miss out!!!

Also, after Fullarton has been given so much criticism on here, I think he deserves some credit in identifying Miller and getting him here. I know it still doesn’t excuse the other shortfalls in the squad but if we are going to criticise them we must give credit where it is due.

Just wondering what others thought?


I think the criticism of fullarton and Matt Taylor all came way too quick. Although I can completely understand people’s frustrations. As for Miller being the new jorge. I sincerely hope so. There is such a lack of connection with players that this club had for years, when I think of Clayton ince, Jimmy, Jorge. I see only kinsella of that ilk atm and even him at the end of the day has only been a part of failure on the pitch at Walsall fc. Too early to call for Miller. Reading into his f**k Barnsley and who cares what they think approach may well say a lot about his character. Just wants to forge a connection to a club maybe? Dunno. I don’t really hold footballers in high regard especially most of those who’ve turned out for us last three years. Take them or leave them. Wouldn’t surprise me if The board didn’t offer him the contract he deserves and he ended up at Salford or something.


He might be another Simeon Jackson, too, but I agree that his work-ethic and positivity has made this a positive loan signing.

I also think Phillips has done well and both offer great mobility.

The addition of Wilkinson will be massive because he has experience, height and a good goalscoring pedigree, in recent times.

Add Kinsella and Holden to the mix and the squad looks far more competitive. I also feel that either Sadler or Leak could be a good partner for Monthe, as the season draws on…

I still think that we need a left-back and big centre-forward in January though. Surely Villa have got a decent left back in their youth set up and someone like Kyle Hudlin would be a shrewd signing if we can get into the top 10 by Xmas…

Yesterday was a good point so I’m more optimistic.


No for the simple reason that he won’t be playing for us after this season. If he scores 15+ goals he’ll be signed by someone paying bigger wages.


George has been brilliant so far he’s a real threat he gives defenders no peace all game he can put a pelanty away which we always seem to struggle with so there’s plenty to be positive about.I personally would love him to stay and maybe we could sort him a pre contract agreement out in January as he’s out of contract so I believe 31st May next year stumbling blocks are as said above if he scores 15 he’ll get better offers positives are he seems to have a connection with us all straight away and he seems to know what he wants as proven when he said in his interview that he didn’t care what Barnsley said he’s moved here for himself so if he feels connected to this club and it’s fans we might just be able to get him to stay for another 2 years time will tell.

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This is why if he continues to play the way he has I think that the club need to sort it out in the January transfer window rather than risk it and hoping that they get him on a free in January. I assume that we could at least do a pre-contract agreement with him in January anyway, Plus Miller will only go where he wants to. He has already said that he has not felt settled over the past 3 seasons, so I do feel that as fans we could play a big part in this in convincing him that his next move is here.

Can’t do pre contracts with English league players until a month before their contract runs out if believe.
We would have to offer Barnsley a small fee unless they agree to let him go on a free transfer

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If Millers team/family know anything about Walsall football club mate they’ll know we are renowned for lighting the blue touch paper on the careers of players that have lost their way and putting them back on the map surely it’s worth him staying for 2 years just for that side of it alone that’s the angle I’d be coming from if I was the chairman or Matt.



It’s still early to be sure but, not only does he have an eye for goal, he seems to have a good attitude too. Lots of running, no complaining and isn’t afraid to put defenders under pressure.

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Yes, plenty of names we have helped along the way, and many we can think of who had the best period of their careers with us, Oztumer being a recent example along with Tommy Bradshaw, and Scott Houghton from a few years back. The Darrens Byfield and Wrack seemed to be going nowhere much until they came to Walsall.
Players can make more money when they leave us, but it doesn’t always work out football-wise.
Look at Baxendales career after he left us, the definition of a journeyman, and playing non-league at 29 years old.
Febian Brandy played more games for Walsall than for anyone else, hasn’t played league football since he was about 26.
We’re only a little Club but you are right, we should stress the positives of that, come here and you will get a chance, show something and you can play regularly.

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Like I say it’s the angle I’d approach it from money is great but if your sitting in the reserves somewhere or bench warming every week it can’t be much fun he’d be first choice here give him a couple of grand a week for the next 2 years so he knows he’s got security on the contract side of it and if he turns out to be the next Jorge Leitao for 18 months of it then bonus he can leave after 2 years and I’d certainly have no hard feeling towards him.He wanted first team football as he said himself so the guarantee of that plus a couple of grand plus as we’ve discussed our history at turning players careers around might just be enough you never know.


If he has the players around him can see miller scoring regularly, but if isolated like Bristol rovers he had no support his confidence could go. Phillips again young player but could also be a handful, would like to see him play along side miller as link up play as been good. Interested to see a 442

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Its a bit early to say in answer to the original question. I like the look of Miller but we have had players before who have got off to good starts and faded.His attitude seems spot on which is often a key factor so I am hopeful. I also think Phillips is a good lad too and is improving.

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Looks decent so far not getting carried away yet.

He looks a proper forward. That second goal in particular was great. Seems happy here so let’s hope he’s realised that is the most important thing after his time at Barnsley which he obviously hasn’t enjoyed and we can keep him.


Loved the header yesterday. And he can score a penalty!

From what I saw v Newport he can struggle v physical CBs as they did a good job on him so hopefully Wilkinson will be back very soon as he can handle them a bit better.

As much as the recruitment has been trashed last few weeks not sure there’s been a better CF pick up from mid table or bottom half league 2 team this summer so that’s one tick for Fullerton at least.


It worries me that 3 of our best players are on loan.

Mayenese, Rushworth, Miller

and Philips and Shade aren’t bad either.

Would love to get at least three of them permanently @enniskillen no chance with rushworth obviously.

I think I’d take all of them tbh.
rushworth is never gonna happen but amazing, Miller we should make a move fast before others take interest
Phillips and shade have potential and they might grow that may not . Worth a point if their teams don’t want them
Mayo we should get with no real problem for next to nothing, we should give it a go