Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


We have our first corner of the game …… in the 90th minute!!!


Wow, you are really spoiling us with your umpteenth corner routine!


Oh dear - I’m not there but one corner in 90 mins and 1 shot on target from the stats I’m seeing - we are getting worse each game by the look of things!

Please prove me wrong if you’re there!!!


Completely and utterly clueless. We’re losing 3-0, surely anyone in their right mind would change something, anything??!! We have Gordon, we could bring Norman on and push Devlin forward, just do something.


8 defeats in our last 9 games - surely NO manager can survive that?!?!


And all with an attack looking like-up.


Dean is the proverbial Rabbit in the headlights.

Needs putting out of his misery now.


100% has to go. Walk away Deano and remain a Walsall legend, would hate it to end like it did with Whitney!


I thought it can’t be worse game, than previous one, against Dons. Wrong, it was even poorer. Manager lost dressing room, no one will die for him on the field. No one will make even one percent of extra effort. There are good players, but without clear plan how to play, even Sunday League Team will be better. Team is not relegated, but with current gaffer will be soon. With someone else could be too, but there will be at least hope.


Sadly, it already has Ben.


Not for me. It never will for me.


Hope our Board (hahaha) have the courage to put Keates out of his misery sooner rather than later, should have happened after Tuesday nights capitulation. Unless of course our No.1 benefactor, thinks he is still the manager to take us to the play off’s?


Well lads im looking forwardcto you all coming on our forum to give it the biggun.
Its fair to say you are the worst team Ive seen at the Ricoh this season.
Nothing going forward and a defence that looks ■■■■ scared.

Enjoy league two lads but if you play like that you will be non league within 12 months.

Enjoy the rest of league 1 whilst you can and just for the record your support is ■■■■■■■ ■■■■. Couldnt even fill your allocation :joy::joy:


Dont worry at least the rents being paid every week well run football club we are !!!


If you can’t appreciate that he’s still a club legend you are horrendously fickle.


Congrats on finally beating us :+1:


Did you fill your allocation?


What would the concensus be on returning to a Director of Football model?

Most successful period in the Club’s history.


Get a life you ■■■■■■■ whopper


Don’t know what to say. You have all said it all, sounds all over, all said and done. All sad. All all.