Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


Took you 3 attempts you ■■■■■.


It needs a ■■■■■■■ magician.


Yes, but I think it will be difficult to introduce.


We’d need someone with a suntan and who could hunt down a bargain. David Dickinson it is then.


Feel so sorry for Cooky, Working from scraps and is visually frustrated . Midfield no ideas whatsoever , defence is one of the worst I have seen ! Roberts seems to be improving , says a lot about the game when the keeper is improving but we concede 3!

Jose you fancy a challenge?


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse,Franks denies to a caller that Bonser is pocketing any money. He’s supposed to be an expert on WM football. Supposed.


Paul Franks on WM springing to Bonsers defence again.

“He doesn’t pocket any money from the club, it’s actually a well run club.”

Constantly interrupting the bloke phoning in, to the point of literally being rude. He’s an odious ■■■■■ who loves being the centre of attention and stirring the ■■■■.


Well that was £70 well spent :roll_eyes: our work rate was pathetic compared to Coventry, every time we had the ball they had 2 players round him, what was the defence doing standing around waiting for the ball to either bounce or come down for their first goal ? roberts cookie and kinsella aside we were ■■■■■.


Grendel: Fake News


Exactly what I just said above. Local media will never ever back us, and Franks in particular is only interested in tossing Tonka off


WalsallBen, would hate it to end like it did with Whitney!
Shady, Sadly, it already has Ben.
If you would care to read a bit more carefully, at no time did i question Dean`s status as a club playing legend.
I await your apology or at least an admission you got it so wrong.


And also said while you remain a legend. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It wasn’t clear.


Actually Grendel, your correct and not telling us anything none of us already know.
Can we invite him to accompany Rob to the meeting with the club.


No surprise though is it ?? Laird couldn’t get into a League 2 side !!! Who makes these decisions


Totally agree


But still we have fans believing it was a good signing at the time :man_shrugging:t3:


This team…you hear all these reports about how bad they are and think to yourself it really can’t be that bad…and then you watch 80 odd minutes of that today. :joy:

Feels like an achievement just to get a corner or shot on target atm, that’s how bad things are.

They were all bad. Think it’s summed up when an ex England international has about 6-7 decent positions to deliver a good cross and they either barely lift off the ground and so is cleared by the nearest defender or cross just drifts back to edge of the box.

Feel really sorry for Cook atm. Team is giving him so many rubbish balls, just aimless lumps upfield, guy really has no chance.


70 quid?! Did you go via Glasgow or something Chunks?

Wierdly actually got back home quicker than many games at Bescot as just managed to catch the 14.49 train back to Nuneaton and then Coleshill so that was the only good thing about the day that a train stops at the station now next to the Ricoh.


Another one to add to the Beechdale unemployment bureau ?


14:49 train back? We’re they that bad in the warm-up? :joy: