Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


Would have been better if i could have met you before the game pal


Can you tell us abit more about yourself ?you must be a sad lonely ■■■■■■


One thing i dont understand is why build a lovely home end like that just to house a picture of jimmy hill :joy::joy::joy:


What was the fans reaction today chunkster?


Even allowing for the handicaps any WFC manager would have,I can’t believe this has unravelled so quickly and so completely. He seems to be unable to get anything right. Even his claim to be acknowledging his responsibilty came over as a blatant attempt to shift it. It brings to mind the phrase" total mental disintegration." I think it needs to be quietly ended for his own good. Sad as that would be I can’t see him digging himself out.


Did Jimmy Hill play for Wasps then?:grin:


To be honest mate they stayed with the team and deano they only sang bonzer out songs a couple of times but i left aftet the 3rd goal so i dont know how they reacted at end


They don’t open it for games anymore, was same two years back.

I do find that weird they’d prefer housing fans in the stands along the touchline rather than have a “home” end which I’m sure their players would prefer to attack rather than just blue empty seats.

If Grendel could stop trolling for five seconds and hasn’t been banned I would be interested to hear his views on that.

It just looks wierd especially when away fans get put behind the goal.


Thanks for that mate, are you tempted for the fiver offer against Bradford ( you’d be an idiot if you didn’t):+1:


The board need to act and fast in my view. The season can be rescued with the right appointment but don’t ask me who that is?


Im the only one in the village :wink:


I’m not blaming Russell Martin for anything.

My suggestion is that the signing of Russell Martin was meant to be Dean’s big “ ter-derr” moment. It was a disaster from which Keates hasn’t recovered. It was the moment that the malaise, the rot set in. There’s often a “moment” that begins a chain of subsequent events and for me the “major coup” signing who we had been chasing since the summer was that moment.

Keates big idea was a bad one and he hasn’t had a good one since.

Look at the pre Martin versus post Martin stats. For me, that was the moment it all started to fall apart. Not Martin’s fault. Just the managerial tipping point for Keates.


Also interesting Martin has gone and is playing regularly at MK Franchise but at right back (unless they’re playing a 3-5-2).

Suggests that they think he can’t hack it anymore at CB and that’s at league 2 level.


I think it will be common knowledge soon but craig shakespeare has been asked if he would be interested in the job if it became available


Surely only to the end of the season? He’s far better than our level


100% agree

I posted that exact point in a separate post - DK has found it impossible to handle things since, resulting in the mess we’re now in…


It really annoyed me when he deliberately came over to goad us

For how long did we pay him when he was rubbish and all the support the club has given him and his family.

What’s he got to brag about

We moved him on

He was replaced by a better player from non league

Look at the goals scored tables cook is p*****g all over bakayoko

Before the game we paid respect to the passing of a true professional who had class today Baka yoko showed nothing but disrespect to the club that gave him his chance he may be paid but he is never a professional and has no class


Shakes in would be a great appointment till the end of season . Listening to him on talk sport a few weeks ago . He would demand respect and endeavour from the players from the moment he walked through the door.


He was interviewed in the Bonser suite some weeks ago. He came over very well and I think you are right in that the players would respond to him. Whether he will come is a different matter!!


Why? Our supporters were ■■■■■■■ vile to him while he was here. I’d have celebrated more to be honest. Suppose Leahy being a bastard to coventry fans didn’t bother you earlier in the season?