Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


Happened much earlier when he bought in Ronan and abandoned 442


Not sure on Shakespeare.

He actually took over Leicester in a similar position in premier league…they were just above the bottom 3 but on a horrible losing run and struggling to just score a goal.

That was though a high level squad (they made quarter finals of CL that season) massively underachieving and he knew them inside out given him being long serving assistant. Here the reality is significantly different.

My ideal candidate would be Paul Hurst. Pretty sure he took over Sloppies when they were in similar trouble, just about kept them up and then they had their wonder season last year.

Probably more realistic would be Darrell Clarke, got two promotions with Bristol Rovers and established them as mid table in league 1.


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Yep, Jimmy Hill played chinside centre.


Song for Keates

Including Sky highlights for any location




For anyone that has watched a game since December, this loss needs no explanation. Regardless of who is in the team, the same events happen and we get the same end result. The fault lies and has always lay at the door of Keates and the way we’ve been setting up.

4-4-2 was found out back in 2004 when Greece won the Euros. More fluid formations like 4-5-1 offer the advantage of having 5 players going forward when attacking, 1 more than 4-4-2 and yet still the same amount of defensive minded players.

As for the players:

Roberts - MOM for us today, his reactions are one of his best attributes and he made some very good saves. Nearly got to the penalty but you can never blame a keeper for not saving penalties. At no fault for the other 2 goals.

Devlin - Was committed but never really got forward in the way we would expect. Can’t remember him being involved in a crossing situation. I’d expect more from him in that area but I’m not sure it was up to him if he was getting forward or not with Hiwula pushing him back

Laird - I can see why he started, Thomas is a very good little player and Laird is more defensive but Thomas troubled him all game. He offered more going forward that Devlin but not enough.

Scarr - Actually felt he was having a decent game today. I’m not entirely sure whose man Bakayoko was for the goal and have a feeling he moved off Scarr but he was much better than in the week

Fitzwater - Fouled for their second no doubt and that killed the game but I was disappointed in him for the penalty, he seems more experienced than to dive in for a penalty. It was a stupid challenge.

Edwards - I can never fault the effort of the guy but he is definitely not the type of player to control a midfield. At his best Edwards is marauding and driving forward, this position restricts him, he doesn’t move the ball quick enough and we are wasting what he is good at.

Kinsella - He is everywhere but sometimes too eager to win everything and sold himself. We need one of him or Edwards in midfield and not both. Would benefit for a playmaker next to him so he can be left to win the ball and play simple passes

Ismail - Absolutley anonymous in the first half, at one point he received the ball and we expected a drive at his man, instead he stopped, dawdled let all 11 Cov players past him and played it back to the centre backs. However, the same can be said of Jarvis that Wingers like to pick the ball up with space in front of them to pick up speed prior to meeting their man, we move the ball that slowly that the winger picks the ball up in a standing position and has to generate his own speed and it’s not as easy. When he went up front I was actually impressed with some of his movement and he was more in the game. Food for thought there

Jarvis - See Ismail for picking the ball up in a standing position. In the first half he got in some good position behind his full back and couldn’t find his feet to cross past the first man. In the second half he did his trick and got a couple of balls in but it’s always obvious when he is about to cross yet there is no movement for him to cross to. Not his best game but even so he has ability

Cook - The guy tries very hard but he’s a victim of his own previous success in that he’s instantly closed down as soon as the ball drops to his feet. That being said there were occasions where he could release the ball back to the midfield and didn’t. I think he could benefit from more midfield runners but that would mean changing the system. Still disappointed with his lack of movement in the box.

Oteh - Pretty anonymous tbh and it was no wonder he got taken off. He made some movement into the channels but when he received the ball didn’t really do anything. Someone behind me said he seems to be everywhere the ball is not. In his defence I guess when Matt Smith flicks the ball on for QPR its usually into the path of his runs and not aimlessly. He’s rated by QPR and has scored for them in the Champ so surely can do better than today.

Blackett-Smith - Showed a bit of pace and strength a couple of times, think he’s worth persevering with in a less restrictive formation.

Overall we were beaten by the ability and movement of Hiwula, Thomas and Enobakhare behind Bakayoko as a the centre point who was proof that being a centre forward is so much more than scoring goals.


Baka was 10 times better than your rotund number 9!
Health warning :warning: :scream: coming from Walsall :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
As for your other question, who cares.
You boys are/were truly awful :rofl:


We gave the team great support until half-time and then the enormity of our predicament sank in. I really liked the black humour at halftime under the stand: we started singing: “ Solihull Moors, we’re coming for you”. We deserve much more than we’re getting at the moment.


If we get Craig Shakespear I’ll be amazed and delighted.


And yet he has scored 15 more goals than the brilliant backa :joy:


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and the score … 2 games to one for Walsall i believe you little cretin . , and if you look at the goals scored by the strikers you describe mmmm think you lose on that count also

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Just remember DK (JB’s love child) said tonight “ the fans sang their hearts out and did everything they could for the football. They need a team that replicates that on the pitch” well DK - your full of €€€€. You got us into this position, so do the right thing and remove yourself and your staff from JB’s ass and leave it to someone who might do better.


The worst thing for me is the way the squad is set up. Granted, we now have pretty much two players for every position. The trouble is, they are all carbon copies of each other. Keates can drop who he wants, or make whatever changes he wants, but the player coming in offers nothing different to the one being replaced. Cook is probably the only exception to the rule.

Norman is the exact same player as Devlin, likewise Guthrie and Scarr. The list can go on.


Good point, he lost 2 successive games v Luton and Southend then decided to start tinkering and hasn’t stopped doing it since, whether it be formation or players selected


Let’s be honest if it was anybody else they would be getting dogs abuse by now with these performances. He will eventually get the abuse that I don’t want for him. We need to save him the shame and embarrassment to him and his family and pull the trigger now .or he needs to walk.


Pretty sure that any other club would either make the decision now or will have already. 13 points from 21 games is truly shocking, 8 defeats in last 9 I just can’t see where our next win is going to come from.


Yes mate agree if we was losing but playing decent football and creating chances and not getting the rub of the green defensively I would be behind keates. But we are getting outplayed even at home against the like of Wimbledon and Rochdale.