Coventry City (A) 16th Feb, 3pm


Also agree, he took a lot of abuse while with us, and when he left, i said to my mate just before he scored that he would enjoy his celebration if he scored, how should he react when he was getting booed every time he touched the ball? if it was me i’d have been over the wall quicker than Cantona :smile:


Even quicker than if you had found that ■■■■ that was trolling on here over the weekend? :joy:




He was just showing what he thought of the fans who had made his life a misery,every time he made a mistake,all over UTS and every other fans site his name was rubbished…I say good on him,he’s only human…it must have felt great…:grin:


Yesterday was crap. Like genuinely, the highlight of the whole thing was a hot chocolate and a muffin i had after the game in the retail park cafe.

If we go down least i wont have to do cov away again for a long time. Trains are a nightmare.

As for baka, our fans slagged him constantly so he was entitled to give a bit back. Expected a worse reaction from our fans tbh. Also, we have no CM, cov players were pretty much walking through our midfield.


Yet again one of the worst performances I’ve ever witnessed by us. Surely no manager survives those two performances in a row considering the run we’re on and the sides we have lost to…


He does if the chairman doesn’t want to keep shelling out for his past mistaken appointments, and have to pay for another.


Bonser has a big decision to make over the next few days…I don’t think he will go for sacking Keates…maybe a written warning…:grimacing:


Quite agree, the thickos who got personal with Baka then start crying when he gets the opportunity to give it them back, are just embarassing.

Great way to treat a lad who came through the Youth setup…


That’s the problem with 4-4-2 and them playing in static lines.

The three behind Baka for Cov ran rings around Edwards and Kinsella and so often Enbobkhare in the number 10 position had 20 yards of space to run into when he got the ball just ahead of the centre circle.

4-4-2 is only smart if the opposition is also playing that formation although no formation is effective at the moment with the state of the squad and manager.

It reminded me of Luton away but Coventry are nowhere near as good obviously so the writing is obviously on the wall with regards what will be the eventual outcome in three months.


If i were deano i would set up with 5 at the back, we desperately need a clean sheet to start a bit of a run going.


We need a point anything :woozy_face:


Hi I’m Grendel. I’m a dafty.

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hope you’ve blocked this ■■■■■■■ idiot now


the dogs abuse he got at Fleetwood was disgusting especially when the rest of the team were awful


Last season that is


Watched the game yesterday we did ok until they scored then just seemed to completely unravel after that for the rest of the game and where lucky it wasn’t 5 or 6 being honest.this must be the worst football I’ve seen since the Barnwell days I genuinely think it’s getting that bad now much worse than anything Whitney served up that’s for sure.


I don’t blame Bakayoko for celebrating his goal but in my opinion he went too far. Most of the Walsall fans there hadn’t abused him. I never shouted abuse at him, even though I couldn’t believe how somebody with his physique could be bullied so easily. I also couldn’t believe how lazy and inept a professional footballer could be. So, I didn’t deserve the abuse he gave me yesterday. Before yesterday I wished him well, now I hope he falls on his @rse.


He was basically hounded out of the club by a significant minority of gormless fans who barracked him at games. Perhaps he was also exposed to the kind of similar racism that Manny Smith had to contend with.
Either way, he celebrated a goal. So what? There are bigger fish to fry.


He was hounded out cuz he was absolute ■■■■ for us . His record for us speaks for itself.