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Coventry City (H) Dec 8th, 3pm


I thought he was suspended for the Sunderland game because he picked up two FA Cup cards - big blow if true.


Maybe you are right …I read it on the Coventry forum match thread . They will be happy :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: when they realise there mistake lol :joy:. Cookie monsters :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:coming to get ya !!!


I’d rather he missed Sunderland than Coventry, but being a Newcastle fan I’m sure he thinks differently!


Yeah bet he’s gutted about that


What about Dobson, he’s on 5 yellows.


Think Cookie is only suspended for Sunderland.
2 yellows in FA Cup equals 1 match ban.
League and cups are separate this season.


The FA website has Cook listed as actively suspended until the end of 11.12.18, the day of the Sunderland replay, which suggests it’s a Cup ban only.

Dobson not listed so presume he’s playing.


Surprising as Dobson got his 5th league yellow (also got on ine EFL cup) against Pompey and played against Sunderland so would assume he’s out for Coventry.

According to Soccerbase Cook has only been booked 4 times although Sloppies game hasn’t been listed so assume he picked up a yellow in that game.


Have they separated all league and competition bookings perhaps?

Regardless you’re right, the yellow at Portsmouth took him to 5 bookings so he should be unavailable.


Yeah seems that was a new rule this season but regardless Dobbo has 5 league bookings.


Someone told me that after19 games the 5 bookings rule does not apply so Dobson is ok to continue playing. I haven’t looked it up myself but just passing this on. As for Cook I think he only has 3 or 4 bookings in the League so he is well clear of suspension for league matches.


Just had a look at FA site and the first cut off point for bookings was 30th November. There are 2 other points - March & end of the season. It would be theoretically possible to pick up 12 (possibly 14?) yellows without serving a suspension.
Presumably Dobson can play.


Midfield if Martin Osbourne and Kinsella should really create a lot


Why no Dobson?


According to Joe Masi… “Walsall team. No George Dobson. Understand he is injured. Will find out more after”


Baka up front for them, 1/1,000 on, that he scores against us!
He will enjoy celebrating in front of us, though he will always be an apology of a striker, nevertheless.


Anyone having iFollow issues?


Yep, I’m currently being forced to listen to Solihull Moors.


Solhull moors commentary


ye it won’t let me listen, the screen just keeps jumping up every time i click on it, last time i had a live chat with them they told me to switch to firefox?