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Coventry City (H) Dec 8th, 3pm


Sorry. Didn’t realise this had already been mentioned so started separate thread. What do I want to listen to Solihull for. Poor service.


Couldn’t get anything on Firefox, got it working on IE and have Solihull :roll_eyes:


They have a Twitter feed to wm. Have not got Twitter. Have tried messaging the ifollow number that sometimes use in commentary.


I wrote to IFollow support, it looks like a bigger problem. But it is working now. I hope.


At last


Wishing it hadn’t now haha


Should have carried on listening to Solihull :frowning:


1-0 oh well :roll_eyes:


Wish they would let US have the ball now and again! Not fair, it’s our pitch and our ball.


iFollow’s ‘Live Text’:

‘There is no content available.’

I was going to upload a screenshot, but that doesn’t seem to be working here.


It’s working on my ipad but not on my laptop?


This isn’t working. When we get the ball at the back it’s a case of a few sideways passes then lump it up front and hope for the best. Missing Dobbo and playing it through midfield


First game of the season. Not optimistic about the second half.

Whole team seems like they can’t be arsed. Slow to close down. Slow to pass and move.

Cov have had all the possession but not really posed much threat other than the goal. Again, poor closing down.

Stonewall penalty waved away, but about our only decent break of the half.

Seem to lack any ideas going forward.

Here hoping Deano has a good word at half time


Challenge on Cook was just outside the box. Should’ve been a stone wall free kick


According to ifollow (on ipad) Osbourne has been shocking and offered nothing.


Generally, midfield is struggling, missing Dobson type of player. For me it is not problem with setup (3-4-3 or 4-4-2 is irrelevant), but problem with personnel, especially when someone can’t be arsed to play.


That makes a change! Slow, ponderous, wild tackles, always targeted by the opposition as a way forward. Has to be benched.
Hope we can turn a corner soon! The team is looking rather poor at this stage of the season.


Definitely looking brighter.
Ferrier looking dangerous…until he shoots.


4 shots in second half - none on target.


Different team 2nd half. Giving the fans something to sing about