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Coventry City (H) Dec 8th, 3pm


From the cov forum.

Burge goes the wrong way. Walsall 2-1

■■■■ ed’s On the pitch! Sounds like they’ve adopted our embarrassing celebrations

NO just taking the P you ■■■■ head.


You managed to get it working?,that’s not like you.


Glad cook didnt take it you never know what might have happened :wink:




Very poor first half with the 2 wing backs not knowing if they should go forward or stay back, Coventry should have been down to 10 men because regardless if cooks was a free kick or penalty he had to go, ludicrous decision by the referee.
2nd half I think we used the weather to our advantage more, however when we went 442 after the substitutions the balance was back in the team, great for Luke Leahy to get the goals against his hometown club, Cooky worked hard and Kinsella was having to do the work of two men again in the middle…a special mention for Robbo, once again won us the game imo.
3 needed points against the rent dodgers is always special, but today it definitely feels even better with the 2 late goals, Up The Saddlers.


We deserved the draw but to get the win is de-fudging-licious.

Robbo kept us in it…twice at least. Could have been 0-3 before our 1st goal.
Bakka proved why Deano was so right to wave him goodbye.

Over the moon. Gonna enjoy a cheeky beverage or two tonight.
Well done the lads. Let’s make sure we have more games like that 2nd half and less like the 1st.



Also 60% of the way to safety! 20pts to go!!


We were lucky today…but what the hell who cares 3 points …The AMAZING feeling of rising from the dead with 2 injury time goals :joy::joy::wink::wink::wink:UTS


Comedy gold that. ■■■■ performance against an arrogant, ignorant bunch of “big team” tossers who definitely need to buy a new GK from their rent dodged cash. Look forward to seeing FC of Coventry playout the M6 galactico again in another 7 years or so :joy: The injury time made the 19.50 seem a bargain


Reminded me of a game we were 3-0 down i think? last year against bradford and came back to draw 3-3 :smiley:


How we got money for Baka ill never know. Still dog ■■■■.


I think we won despite the Manager. Apparently were playing 3 at the back in the first half. It didn’t look like that to me. Martin and Osbourne were in defensive midfield positions leaving Kinsella to do all the work! Up front we had Cook on his own with Ferrier and Gordon wide…a complete waste and surprise, surprise Coventry had most of the ball. Second half we changed it and improved and as the game wore on we got better especially when the wingers came on.
Plus points…two very good saves from Roberts which kept us in the game and a spirit which mean’t we didn’t give in. Last year we would have lost this game and it can only be good when you win after not playing well.


Always good to dish out a good Gnapkaring once every five or six years. Cov well and truely GNAKPAD.


Got to start with two wingers and two uo top at home. Looks so much better and Cooks headers actually then get followed up.


A memorable victory, but their fans deserve to be very disappointed with their team and manager.

We were very poor first half. Lacked width and intensity, won too few second balls and as for Martin in the water carrier role - let’s not try that again. The sooner Dobson is back the better.

Imagine Keates dished out a bollocking at half time, but Robins’ approach to the second period has cost them a game they might have won comfortably. They dropped off, stopped playing quick simple passes, invited pressure - and that helped us get a foot hold and build pressure .

Reverting to 4-4-2 and introducing Ginnelly and (to a lesser extent) Ismail turned the game, and you have to give DK credit for that, but I think we owe more to Cov’s shortcomings for the result.

Thought Kinsella and Devlin played well, but Roberts kept us in the game with a couple of first-rate saves, not to mention an assist. As for Leahy, the bloke’s tripe isn’t he.

Finally, it makes it much harder to take the ■■■■ out of ridiculous opposition pitch invasions when we do the same thing…


…but yet again he fail’s …fortunately for us :rofl:


and Devlin involved with both … he’s just another ■■■■■■ like Leahy …:rofl:


…yes we do …:rofl::rofl:


Ridiculous game.

We were naff for most of it.

But who cares?


Its obvious that 4-4-2 is our most effective formation. Yes we will lose games, but we will also win some and draw some.Hopefully in the process we will become a Nichol/Graydon/Dosh efficient unit. Really wish we could just stick to that.

As regards the pitch invasions, yes its not right…but our fans invade the pitch when an unbelievable last gasp victory has been secured ala Northampton last season and today. Not when a goal gets scored in the 67th minute that turns out to be insignificant to the result. More power to anyone’s elbow that’s turned up, stayed to the end and got emotional.


The pillocks who got in the keeper’s face while prancing about on the pitch will hopefully be identified and banned.
Indulging moronic behaviour isn’t a good look.