Coventry next week

who is going. I know its a ■■■■ cup etc etc but for £10 and its only at st andrews should mean its worth a look?

I’m not. Still trying to get back from Plymouth.


Giving it a miss can’t be bothered with that cup anymore.

Don’t think we’ve ever won at St.Andrews.

I think we won in one of those cups, Ntamak scored I think

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Im going purely for the novelty of seeing us at St Andrews. Dont think its happened in my adult life.

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Yeah, I’m considering it to tick the ground off.

Remember gonig there many years ago and we lost 3-0 ? jimmy walker saved a peno? Be weird seeing it empty with only a pocketfull of each club there

Nah, ■■■■ competition. Rather go to the ground when it’s a proper game.


Will never support this pathetic competition no matter who we play or how far we get.


Yeah it’s come to the point in this ■■■■ cup now that you should be able to play the youth team to avoid injuries to first team players that we certainly do not need.

I’ve been waiting ages for Walsall to play a game there…this is all wrong however.

Firstly it’s not against Blues, it’s in this atrocity of a rebranded competition and given Coventry fans are boycotting and only got 1,155 for their league cup game with Exeter I’d be surprised if attendance even reaches 500.

Frustrating but no way can I go to this. Have to hope the stars align eventually and Walsall and Blues end up in same league…think it’s something ridiculous like 3-4 near misses on last day of the season since 2014.

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We’ll both be touching 70 given the wierd football forcefield preventing Walsall playing there in a league fixture but yes that’s the principle that should be adhered to.

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It will be odd for me to be at a Walsall game and not give a monkeys about the result.

Would love to watch us away at St. Andrews but not in this comp or against Coventry, I’d rather wait however long it is until we play Blues there

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Just orderd mine and weve sold 59 LOL

I’m certain I have watched Walsall play at St Andrews. I am not sure of the year, universe or dimension, but I definitely have…

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I’ve seen us there twice in the league. Must’ve been 1989 and 2001.

I think I’ve seen us play there 3 times. The 2 league games in 2000 and 2001 and the Birmingham Senior Cup final around the same time. A competition that actually holds more weight than the Tinpot Cup now.

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