Crewe next away game. Who's gooin?

Fantastic support from everyone today. Our players must have felt 10 feet tall when they came out with that thunderous noise and backing.
It’s Crewe next (anybody know how many tickets we will be allowed) would be great to sell out and carry on this fantastic support. I can’t wait.


I had to laugh today, pring was so up for it, he took one look at the fans and started saying to himself while warming up “come on come on let’s ■■■■■■■ do this “ bless him :rofl: but I have been offered a lift today for crew so I think I will go.


Got our tickets on the train to Crewe

Oh Yes. Back to the old songs. Crewe Crewe who the xxxx are you. Cannot wait. Another sell out and full WFC vocal support. A lot of big spending teams in this league will not realise what’s hit them.

We have DC, we have a progressing team, we have a “Chairman” now, and we have the “Street End Boys” on your patch - happy days!!


How much is it on the train mate?

Plymouth took 1750 there today, so I’d say around that mark

Me. Live in Penkridge so lovely away day on the train.

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Yep. Plus two. Usually just rock up and pay on the day but guess might have to get tickets again.

This excitement and positivity has its downsides. :wink:

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Just had a look for tickets. Only £16 return from Rugeley Trent Valley :+1:t2:

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We have properties there now down lyne hill lane? Found the swan at whiston the other week what a gem :+1:

I’m on the new estate Chunk. Love it there.

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We need to put 6000 in the Bescot on Saturday first!


I must admit I looked at downsizing and buying one of the bungalows on there, I was working down burbage vale on Friday, and we have an over 55’s apartment block called swallow place

I live just down the road from Swallow Place. :+1:

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Got my tickets and going on the train, can’t wait! Hopefully another good following like today

I love working down there it is lovely and to be honest I would jump at the chance of moving there if the right opportunity arose :wink::ok_hand:t3:

Tickets purchased yesterday. Gutted to miss today. Trying to convince the wife we should go to Plymouth :joy:

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Wear a Walsall top next time you’re about. I’ll make you a cuppa :grin:

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The away end (side) at Crewe holds 1,700. But if they’re expecting a big Away following they also give behind the goal which adds another 680.

I think we might get close to filling the 1,700 but doubt we’d need the extra behind the goal to be honest.

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Just look out for van no 72 with WHG on the back :joy:

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