D 0-0 vs Alfreton Town (A) - FA Cup Second Round - Tue 5th Dec, 7:45pm

Much like our beloved football team, they can’t string more than two passes together so I can’t be arsed to string more than two sentences together.

A chance for the 'Super Saddlers" to be humiliated live on BBC One this weekend.

Alfreton Town vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Alfreton Town Win
  • Draw (Replay)
  • Walsall Win

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The whole nation getting to watch this shower. :joy:

This will be much tougher than Sheppey.

Would be happy getting a replay tbh. 1-1.

Id take a defeat if it means and end to this

Anyone know what the Alfreton pitch is like?

Hopefully it’s like a bowling green or our lads are fcuked.


From their last home game kshammer:

Well do fine, don’t worry…


The Alfreton pitch will make Barrows look like Wembley.

It may be a blessing if it does freeze over a little cos they’ll have to keep it flat and grass a little longer to have any hope of it being on

Replay means can still see what is on offer in third round. Plus ideal first game for a new manager.

Could Sadler even survive a draw and then losing to Notts County which I’d say is a pretty likely set of results.

Poor if he’s only keeping his job because he isn’t losing to non league teams in the FA cup.

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Maybe they’ve got him in the hot seat ahead of time, and he’s actually doing really well against their objectives for when next season is on us.


I’m in Lakes again and was going to watch it on TV but I think I’ll go into Grasmere and Keswick instead of wasting my time up there watching the rubbish we produce.


Finally playing someone our level!
Will be a tough game but away from home and not scoring low on confidence I’d say a 1-0 Alfreton win

Can you keep an eye out for the camera I lost there in 1985 please?

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If you had a photographic memory you’d know where you left it. If you still need one, I hope someone lens you one.


I wasn’t happy when I realised it was lost, I remember saying “me no Leica.”


Remember them film tubes some kids used to keep their dinner money in? :grin:


I’ve gone for Alfreton to win which I thought would be the case even before the Barrow debacle.
It’s an important game for both teams, Alfreton because it a league scalp and the chance of a big team in round three.
Walsall because our form is not good and we’re edging closer to the unthinkable.
Based on what was on offer last night Alfreton will go full bore against a struggling side that are there for the taking.

Despite our recent decline, we should have more than enough talent to overcome Alfreton and to see us through to round 3 (Liverpool away please).
The lads know they messed up last night, the only thing that can appease it is to put in a good performance on Saturday with a win.

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I’m dreading this game on Saturday…

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No chance of this being on, -4 Friday night.

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The person who responded is the Owner and Chair ofAlfreton so I reckon there is a fair old chance it will be going ahead.


Can we have a balloon cover with warm air circulation, beats the old oil barrels…

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