D 0-0 vs Leyton Orient (A) - League Two - Sat 16th October

He needs to be managed carefully to prevent a recurrence so I am happy MT has said this. Given that many have raised questions about the fitness of the squad with our frequent decline in the last half hour of matches, there has to be some doubt as to the fitness regime at the club. We were spoilt when we had JW in charge of fitness and haven’t seemed to be able to replace him with someone equally good in that role. Fingers crossed as I think that Wilkinson’s fitness (or otherwise) will have a big influence on how our season goes.

In 2 minds about this match. Initial thought on seeing the fixtures was yes I’ll go to that although for me Orient away on a Saturday and Oldham away on a Tuesday would have been a lot better the other way round. Sensible head said I have been in London working all week (home tomorrow night) and considering me being skint I would be daft to then jump on a train early Saturday to go back to London! (I have to get back to sort out some psycho feral cats before anyone says i should stay down here which would make my life easier!) Closer it has come to the match, the more I am getting the urge despite the fact that as PT said current form suggests we are due an indifferent performance and defeat and as as Blazing said I can’t ever remember seeing us win there.

Decisions decisions, but … see you there… probably… very likely…

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Is this an all ticket game? Or can we buy tickets at their ground

I read yesterday on the official site ( I had to search for it) that you can buy them on the day for an extra £3. I am hoping so now anyway cos I am going and I don’t have a ticket.

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It would be nice to extend this unbeaten run at Orient tomorrow, our first away win would be even better.
I think we’re showing improvement with each game, the players are slowly getting used to each other knowing their strengths and weaknesses.
If we can pull a nice 7 to 10 game unbeaten streak we will be at the right end of the table making our fan base a lot happier.
For some reason I feel optimistic about this one.

You should still be able to purchase beforehand mate and pick them up from Leyton Orient (that’s what we’re doing). I think the cut off is usually 12:30 today.

On Orient site

Walsall fans can purchase tickets from our Away Ticket Office on Brisbane Road, which will open at 1.30pm.

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Happy for Wilkinson to stay on bench, safe to say he managed to score without breaking into a jog when he came on last week.

Treat him carefully.

Snap your arm off for a point now. But we are due an away win in the league surely…

I’ve been in touch with Orient - it’s a cashless stadium, but the ticket office is open before the match to sell tickets via card purchases.

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Our ticket office usually sell away tickets up to noon the day before and then send any bought that can’t be posted/collected in time back to the other club for collection from them.

Still an hour left if you want to ring our ticket office and save yourself £3 per ticket tomorrow.

Im going for a Tumeric victory Leyton Orient 2 Walsall 4

Osadebe with a 1st minute screamer and a second half debut hat trick from Hal Robson-Kanu ( 48th min with a sublime Original, a 72nd minute cheeky far post Ginger tap in and and a 91st minute Beetroot volley )

Lump on lads and lasses, you heard it here first

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On the rattler now heading down. Result? No idea. The only thing thats consistent with this team is our inconsistence.

Don’t know if this will save anyone some grief tomorrow.


Just got two tickets for Oldham.

Orient 388 last count as of hour ago.

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Not bad at all, should easily break 400+!

I’ve voted for a draw sensibly but would love a victory obviously so we can start looking up instead of down,hopefully we can play well again and continue the slight upward curve.

I voted win for the lads , as I always do as it’s my team .
If I don’t think we will get anything from a game I just edge it , like on our prediction league :man_shrugging:…and have given pelters to the ones that have voted us a loss … :disappointed:

Heart sometimes bigger than the brain I’m afraid .

Looking forward to my first away game of the season so going en famille .Don’t expect a win and would be happy with a point .They have a wily Manager in Jackett so we need to be at the top of our game to get anything .Looking forward to seeing UTS folk

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Interesting. Never considered Orient a bogey team compared to likes of Scunthorpe a few years back and Wigan when they’re in the same league but that is really poor record generally.

Went a couple of years back and were 1 up and comfortable before totally collapsing second half when top of table league 1 Dan Scarr had a terrible game and got sent off IIRC Football’s a funny game as someone once said…

As for this would be more than happy with a point to continue slowly climbing the table so will go 1-1 and Wilko scoring on his return.

I’m hoping last minute winner against Salford will give the lads the lift in confidence they’ve been searching for, making the trip with my family including my Walsall mad daughter who is 16 today, I reckon we’ll win this one 3-1 with a Miller brace and a goal from Earing.

Any particular pubs anyones going to before the game?