D 0-0 vs Swindon Town (H) - League Two - Tue 14th March, 7:45pm

Surely the only factor that could cause this game to be PP is the fact it drops down to -5 on the Friday night. Other than that we’re forecast no more snow and warming up to 5C every day from today onwards so hopefully should be good to go ahead.


Probably right tbh

Two of our best players missing, still suffering from injuries and a cup tie looming. A point would be a sound achievement against a strong side.


We’ve got replacements for those we’ve lost. Wilmott, Matt and McEntee/Low. Austen will be the wild card so hopefully he’ll have a quiet game but I think we can nick it. A point would still be alright though it’d still keep the flow of points on the board.
I don’t think the players will hold back much because there is still competition in most positions and they’ll want to be in the gaffers good graces to get selected to start

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Well, yes but Monthe and Johnson have arguably been our best two players and those replacements have hardly played for us, if at all.

For those strange individuals…Walsall play in red, the ground is not far off the M6 , Wednesbury turn off, close to Palfrey. The pitch is tiny, the floodlights are twenty or so candles, parking is appalling, allow at least 45 minutes after the match ends to get away. We are a 4th Division side, now known as the 2nd Division, we have been crud for years but have recently been taken over by USA/Canadian benefactors.
There, now you will be fully armed with the facts so that you don’t appear out of place since you last watched the team at Wembley all those years ago.


Doubt this game will be on, could be a blessing.

Minus 3 in Walsall tonight. Hope we’ve got the covers on!


Not looking good

Hope its on. Do we still have frost covers?

I think they are called braziers coloquially in the WS1 4SA postcode area

As long as they don’t get mixed up and put brassieres on the pitch. :flushed:


we do yeah

I think Walsall Fan TV (The joy and the pain) has got this absolutely spot.on, an incredibly difficult game, key players missing, a major dose of cup fever through the town, and expectations hitting giddy heights, it has all the ingredients for us falling flat on our faces. Fortunately I know Micky Flynn doesn’t suffer fools gladly and will be making the players aware of the size of the task ahead of us. A pleasing point for me in front of another bumper 6,000+ audience.


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Interesting that the club are expecting 6.5k, is it a schools day?

Swindon expected to bring a big following.

5k home fans as has become fairly normal. plus over 1k swindon end tickets sold and they can pay on the day

I noticed the other day our average home attendance is the highest its been since the 07/08 so we are clearly seeing the feel good factor amongst the fans.