D 0-0 vs Swindon Town (H) - League Two - Tue 14th March, 7:45pm

Yes, I think Riley was in the top 3 signings: DJ and Bennett were the other 2. Hutchinson is too inconsistent to make that list. Maddox has potential but hasn’t dominated in any game this season. The fact that we are struggling for goals says a lot about the lack of creativity in our midfield. I know that Hutchinson has a few assists but so he should: he has played in the number 10 for most of his starts this season.

I think Riley could be very useful next season in a central midfield role - I would definitely try him there over the next 11 games. In fact, the next 11 games should be all about planning for next season. Try a few different formations and try to pick players who are going to be here next season - our pre-season starts on Saturday.


Absolutely this. I’d play him as one of 3 in the middle with Maddox and Hutchison. He seemed to naturally go into the ‘pocket’ in the second half against Stevenage - so might help with us starting attacking and building play a little more. He’s played there before.

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I think Riley is a good player but to me it seems ludicrous to say that a player who misses 44 games with injury is one of the best signings of the season after one game, his first of the season in March!

I think it says far more about the quality and the depth of quality of our strikers. The fact DJ was in the top 5 scorers in January suggests the quality of his replacements and back ups are more the problem or he’d have had trouble scoring too.

A few? Only 3 players have more in the entire division.
He actually hasn’t played in the 10 as often as it’s thought to be honest. He played deeper on several games and in the main he’s played as a 2 with one behind more often than not regardless of how the ifollow graphic shows it :joy:

Wouldn’t disagree with this in the main but I can’t wait for the fans reaction when we slip to 17/18th and Flynn says “yeah but what’s the problem, they’re effectively only friendlies now and I’m trying a few things out” :joy::joy::roll_eyes:

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I think you can tell Riley oozes class, with a full pre season under his belt he can be a very special player for us indeed. We have a fair few components of a successful league 2 side but obviously the components missing are making us misfire badly at the moment and that MUST be addressed in the summer, quality over quantity.

Gillingham tomorrow has taken on significant importance as the pressure appears to be building on Flynn by the week. When he read the Riot Act (1824) aloud to the players in full after the Hartlepool game he would have expected it to have some sort of impact but it doesn’t appear to.


A bit of a pointless exercise as it has been repealed and thus has no legal standing. It was in force before 1824 as it was read before the Peterloo massacre in 1819, when 15 (other numbers are available) members of the audience were killed and hundreds injured.


Cant believe people think Maddox was a decent signing. His passing is poor, he runs into trouble most of the time when he has the ball, and he can’t tackle, and when he does its always a foul. Get the guy is young, but as others have said he hasnt i.poses himself on any game as far as i can remember. He wouldn’t be ine I would.lime to keep next season, better options out there.

He must have gone to the Southgate football academy of backward/sideway teachings :laughing:


He’s 24. I think he’s decent and would want him in the team but although he doesn’t have huge numbers of games under his belt, having been at a couple of big clubs, I don’t think he qualifies as young, not by fourth division footballer standards.

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I thought he was younger than 24, in which case i would have expected more. At that age he should have more about him.

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Perhaps this is why it misfired so badly, it’s not one a manager reads out with good reason.

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I’m not sure why a football manager would want his players to disperse

Well if it’s like this…

That lot would deffo score against us!

Keatesy on the ball.

I was thinking more Regis Garrault

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I thought exactly the same, but didn’t think more than three people on here would have got the reference.
So one is you, another is me, I wonder who the third one is? :smile:

Manny Monthe?