D 1-1 (L 2-4 pens) vs Forest Green Rovers (H) - PJT Group Stage - Tue 10th Oct, 7pm

Pizza Pot Group Game.


They haven’t won in 6 games and we are a charitable club so nail on a win for FGR :grin:


There will be understandable comments that this is a joke competition, which in its current form it is, but there’s also no getting away from the fact that it’s an immediate opportunity to make some kind of amends for Saturday’s first half capitulation.

Thanks to our generosity in south London, FGR are now bottom of the league pile and that makes it reasonable to assume there’s nobody better we could be up against in search of a bit of confidence. As such, there’s a vague feeling of déjà vu.

In the usual match thread votes, I called us to win at Bradford and lose at Sutton. While I await my awards in the post for those, I’ll go for the hat-trick and predict a home win. If we lose this, it’ll be disastrous for confidence going into Saturday’s game… where we’ll go and pick up a comprehensive win. :sweat_smile:



Foulkes Williams McEntee Allen

Knowles Griffiths Stirk Oteh

Matt Johnson

I guess it will be something like that. I won’t be there but I hope they win. 2-1 will do.

Is it the final group game? Don’t we still have to play Shrewsbury?

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No and yes

Don’t care whatever the result
This competition proves nothing

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Yes, I think Allen is eligible for this.

Definitely: Smith, Foulkes, Allen, Griffiths and Johnson
Definitely not: DD, Draper

McEntee will probably play because he always does, Griffiths deserves a chance. Knowles should play, if only to give him practice at standing up.

Possibilities: DJT instead of Matt; Farquharson if fit instead of Williams. Tierney could play too.

With Gordon out and Allen still suspended (a pity tonight does not count) we are looking a bit short on the left of defence for Saturday.

It’s a massive game in that it’s the first opportunity to put things right from Saturday and put things right we must do. I think we are the victims of fortune in having a game so soon after. Natural inclination is to change the team around quite a lot but I’d personally only make limited changes, start the same team we intend to start on Saturday and get some confidence and a much needed win under our belts. I think Doug Taylor deserves a start and DJ needs a goal so I’d start them up top. I’d also give the kid from Wolves a game alongside Hutch and Stirk in the middle of the park.

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He’s already served his three match ban and will be available for Saturday. Fortunately!

What’s the number that comes after 2 again? Thanks for putting me right.

That is at least something but it will be at left back presumably.


Foulkes Mcentee DD Gordon

Knowles hutch Stirk Oteh

             Draper         DJ

This has fast become a must win game just for confidence alone , whip the balls in the box , hutch the creative force and stirk the holding player

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Gordon is in Guyana and Draper should not be risked with a dodgy hamstring.

Thought it was the weekend he was playing for guyana my mistake lol , as for draper apparently hes fit now was just a twinge so didnt want to risk him the weekend

Draper may have had a twinge but I thought last midweek against the Dongs he looked quite tired, we mustn’t forget how young he is and that he came straight from Irish football where he played a fair amount over the summer. He’s been our most effective forward to date and had no part to play in Saturdays debacle so he’s one I wouldn’t risk. Doug Taylor and DJ should be the front two for me, both need some game time and a goal.


We look a bit exposed on the right hand side if that’s how we line up.


A Win against FGR in this competition won’t put Saturdays result right it’s done and gone .best put to one side .agree with Kingcrod what we should do is pick a side a formation as close as possibly to what we will play Saturday to build some confidence and structure to this team .but I have my doubts we’ll do this .

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Is Maher available for this?

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I will have a mighty meaty :pizza: