D 1-1 vs Colchester United (A) - League Two - Sat 16th March, 3pm

Colchester United vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Colchester United Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Think the only players we have left are the female team , the under 17s and dj
So obv dj starts on the bench


Back to winning ways

Was going to go but with their pitch being so bad, there’s no guarantee it will even be on, so not risking it on the train :smile:

Their Chairman has sent out a letter to the fans stating why the pitch is always flooded and they have had covering on the pitch and hope the game will go on.

I don’t think we will win.It will be a game too far for our depleted squad. 0-1

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This will be a tough, tough game. Now down to 2 fit strikers (flash and DJT) who are similar in profile.

A lot of pressure will be on Hutch and Earing for come individual magic.

0-0 for me

Got my 2 tickets so I’ll be there if it’s on !!!
If it is on we’ll have too much for these as they’re on a downward spiral.
Come on me Babbies!!!

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Assuming none of our injured players are back and Foulkes is also out, how about playing Menayese and shifting Ayegboyega to RWB? He is quick, and skilful and that would help keep the average height up.


What has happened to Oteh? He was touted as being able to play wing-back.

I obviously know he is injured, he came back from a long injury briefly and hasn’t been seen again since. I have probably missed it, is he another one out for the season, or close to it?

Another injury prone waste of money

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All our injuries seem to be long ones. Of the people injured or not match fit I think we have:

Knowles, DD, Farquharson, Williams, McEntee, Oteh, Matt, Johnson, Jellis with possibly Faal and Foulkes. Even Riley is probably not match fit. We have essentially no cover for any defensive position or up front but OK in midfield.

With such a list, this could have been our season for the drop had things not improved generally.


I think Faal and Foulkes will be ok for Saturday.Fatigue was apparently the problem last night. Good job we were astute enough to get in some quality loans.

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Bet Grant McCann would say ours is worse :joy:

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I think Sadler said Faals was fatigue due to his religious beliefs meaning he was at the beginning of his “fasting” period?

That must be tough going……especially looking at the Sutton away performance when the hotel messed up the whole squads food requirements!!! :rofl:

My prediction is a closely fought P-P


Think we will lose because of the bottom two rule.

Just got to use the forwards as a press keep working hard and disrupt and then maybe rely on the set pieces to get the goals.


He did and said Faal needed to sort out his diet for the next month.

Pro footballers can’t be exempted from fasting during Ramadan? Reading here and there it looks like they can do this after season.

Sads will be absolutely fuming when he sees that pudding of a pitch. No way this game should go ahead.

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Time to buck the trend 2-0 win.