D 1-1 vs Crawley Town (A) - League Two - Tue 13th Feb, 7:45pm

Crawley Town vs Walsall - Match Result
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Couldn’t be arsed retyping so I’ll quote myself quoting myself.

Hopefully, Oteh will be up for this one: I’d start him up top. Byfield should be motivated too. Even Sadler played there for a spell, so a perfect game to be ‘up for it’. I think the team will benefit from being away from home where there is less pressure. I’m glad that Evans can’t be picked and although the way the game ended with the unusual fan reactions (from some) was harsh, in his heart of hearts, he can’t think that Jackson deserved to be dropped.

I’d love a morale boosting 2-1 victory.

I really hope DJ will be fit for Mansfield too, because that will add much needed spice for one of the better teams in the league. Lose all three (in a week) and the atmosphere will turn very toxic, methinks.

I’d say it’s a ‘must not lose’ and as always, I’d take a point, away from home.

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As I said on the Newport thread…

Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we won this one, drew at home to Mansfield then didn’t win for 5 games.

Classic Walsall.


Almost with you there but can’t help but feel that if we do win at Crawley I will in fact be very surprised!

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I just drifted off for a moment there and had a vision of a win and an away clean sheet.

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The enforced change of goalkeeper may help with that…


I can’t help but feel that Sadler will see it as a weakness in his leadership if Smith retains his place, even if we win, out of blind loyalty to his favourites.

Reminds me a lot of Southgate with Maguire (and even Phillips).

I honestly think that a fit and firing DJ and Jackson Smith in goal would be in most Walsall supporters’ ideal eleven, but with Sadler as manager, I fear that he might be too stubborn to allow that to happen now.

I see it in a lot of management types: admitting that you got it wrong is somehow a sign of weakness. It baffles me that we keep making the same mistakes (conceding early goals, conceding from set pieces) but it is never a coaching flaw…


Now now, it’s not like us to concede early or from long throws!


Can’t see us getting anything from this unfortunately.I’ve forgot the last time I was confident in us and had a feeling we could get something from anywhere we travelled to in the league.What I’d give for a solid top 7 team with consistency and a winning mentality that’s followed all over the country by most of us week in week out.

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I’ve gone for a loss… Last time I said we would lose we beat Wrexham so I’m voting loss for the next 20 games :rofl:

Away from home Tuesday night against a team who were non league mot to recently we should be better than with sadler in charge
2-0 loss
Walsall to uncharacteristically concede a sloppy early goal and they an even more uncharacteristically cross in the box to a player under little to no pressure even though we play 3 cbs
Sadler to be delighted with the performance and the hard work of the players
Knowles to cross it to Gordon who crosses back to knowles


Had a cast on yesterday doing an interview in the Locker, said he’ll be back in 2/3 weeks

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What a trip for midweek.

King Crod will probably get his butler dusting off his pilot’s licence and flying the private jet down to Gatwick!

Have a decent record at Crawley in recent times so probably a draw and then mess up the next home game which seems to be an emerging pattern.


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They won Div 5 in 2010/11 season and have been in Div 3 or 4 ever since, so could be argued that they are an established league club.


Think we shall lose.

Saturday was the most “Walsall FC in the second half of the season” performance and result ever.

The club half looking towards next season. Players ruminating on contracts coming to an end and their options. Players who’ve just signed extensions in the comfort zone. 16th - not going up and not going down inertia gripping everyone.

Be surprised if we snap out of all of that quickly.


Beautifully put.

I have put a few arguments out there to counter the “we are building for next season” argument, but you just put everything I was trying to think of in one short post.

Firstly I don’t see what Sadler is doing to build for next season that means we end up getting turned over like Saturday so easily, and generally watching players begin to go through the motions. I’m not saying they aren’t trying but there is trying and then there is truly believing it matters. If Sadler wants to do something to benefit him next season, then get the players up for Crawley away on a Tuesday night when the result is unlikely to have any real impact on promotion or relegation. Get them to believe in what he is doing and the ones that don’t , well then he knows who to ship out.

Really annoys me actually. Having an eye on the future is a good thing, running down the clock and acting like you are working your notice is just wrong in my opinion. Try and build a culture where everything matters, where everyone believes in it. It is worth almost as much as ability. Or just keep churning out the line, “Next year will be different” I hope it is with all my heart, but honestly, I doubt it.


Crawley in bad form, 3 league defeats in a row and we’re not looking great. We’d probably take a point with it being away and I think Crawley will want to stop the run of defeats, I see a dreadful 0-0 between two sides happy with a point each.

Sadler expects a reaction to Saturdays X rated horror show and so do I, Saturday wasn’t like us at all and we need to show tomorrow just what a good team we actually are. We could do with making a fast start, first goal will be absolutely crucial, I really fear for us if we concede first again. Too many off performances on Saturday and I expect Captain Fantastic DD to lead by example in a fine 2-0 victory. I’d be tempted to started Doug Taylor and Oteh and rest 20p foot Faal.

Looks like it will be a small travelling gate by our high standards despite the competitive pricing.


The best thing about Saturday’s match is Ben Boycott was there to personally witness our demise.
Things are not going according to his plan, that, he will insist, has to change.

Based on our current form, anyone who thinks we’re going down to Crawley and come back victorious is sadly mistaken.
We’re missing Draper more than we care to admit, we knew he was going back to Lincoln but it still hurt when he went.
I was expecting more from Mo to be honest, he’s missed some easy chances. Gordon, I didn’t want back at the club, he chases balls down well and never stops running, but strikers are supposed to score, aren’t they?
When Sadler decides to play DJ, he’s often isolated up front with little or no service.
The striker situation is something that ought to be made a priority in the summer, I don’t want anyone on loan because if they do well (Draper) it’s heartbreaking when they have to return to their parent club.

I don’t see us getting anything out of the game tomorrow night.