D 1-1 vs Sutton United (H) - League Two - Sat 27th Jan, 3pm

Walsall vs Sutton United
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Sutton United Win

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Simply has to be a win if we are to gain the momentum needed to stay in touch with “flirting with the playoffs” for a few more weeks. Let’s be honest Sutton are crap and the 4:0 in the reverse fixture was one of the all time lows in my memory (40+ yrs a Saddler)

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I agree with the above poster that this is a must win game which never ever fails to end in a disappointing outcome.

In all seriousness we really should win especially as they will be a bit tired from playing tonight and we will have had 2 weeks off.

Can also work the other way Andy don’t forget, we may be a bit rusty as we haven’t played for 2 weeks. Scored from their 1 shot on target tonight, but reckon Mansfield will win by a couple tonight, 1 - 1 as we speak…


Beware the dreaded “New Manager Bounce” …

After their bright start, Sutton’s stats (40 min) are 25% possession, Mansfield 75%

Lets hope that on Saturday that doesn’t read “Sutton’s stats 75% possession Walsall 25%”… think on, this is Walsall after all! Sadler is impressed how good Sutton are, we must be mindfull of their abilities…he will let our players know what we are up against…defend defend defend, we might hit them on the break…

Watched Sutton at Mansfield tonight and they won’t be easy to play against.They have a long throw in from the right that causes problems and they run and run and run for this new manager.They don’t look too bad on the counter attack either when they win the ball, could be a tricky tie this one.

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It won’t be easy but as long as we play as we can we will win. The lads will surely want revenge for the 4-0 thrashing we had down there. I think it will be 2-0.

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Good result for Sutton tonight against Mansfield - though I didn’t see Harry Smith in their team so hoping he’s injured? Anyway I think this will be a hard physical game, and we need to be at our best. Going for a 1-0 with a last gasp DJ winner.

Following a recent red card, Harry Smith was suspended for the Mansfield match and will be for the game on Saturday too.


Red Card 'Ry…

They seem to be getting a bit of a bounce.

They have some recent very happy memories of spanking us.

Their strong points absolutely complement our weaknesses.

Some Walsall fans are using all of their fingers and toes to find a mathematical way we might scrape into the play offs.

We’ve improved but we’re still not great and we don’t really know how we are adapting in a post-Draper world and how we now plan to score goals.

All of which adds up to a 2-0 defeat and any puff of optimism melting into the winter mist.

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I agree that the playoffs would need a heck of a lot of things to go our way to make them, so what I’m looking forward to is a really healthy squad that have longer contracts so will know each other inside out and will hopefully have a good pre season together in readiness for what I personally think will be our best chance for a good few years of mixing it in the top 7 next season.


I’ve voted for a Sutton win, why? Because we WANT to win, Sutton NEED to win,they managed a draw at Mansfield who are flying.


Yes, that is how I see things too.

Got sent off a couple of games ago

If we can’t beat these we’ve no chance of the playoffs, it’s Matt bumming them up again instead of telling the players get at them and put them in their place, or something like that.

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Yeah this has flat 2 nil defeat written all over it doesn’t it…

It would be very Walsall. I’m really hoping revenge for that drubbing they gave us is a motivator.

Not convinced 14 days without a game is gonna do us any favours.


Revenge is a dish best served cold, so it is somewhat disappointing to see Shefali predicting an almost balmy high of 9 celsius on Saturday afternoon at the Poundland on the pitch and a white hot atmosphere in the stands amongst the audience.

Our home form is scintillating, I just think we’ll have too much quality for them on Saturday and I’m sure Sadler will have us straining at a leash to put right the horror day in October. Expect the undercroft will be buzzing pre-match.


Don’t forget to charge your batteries!