D 1-1 (W 4-2 pens) vs Northampton Town (A) - Papa John’s Trophy Group L - Tue 5th Oct, 7pm

I was going to say that (all of it :laughing:). I thought we were the better team for about 75% of the game and should certainly have been out of sight before their penno. It was nice for me as an exile to be able to watch a game on iFollow, even if it was the PizzaPot Trophy. Wish I could get iFollow for all games, like last season.
Very pleased with our progress over last couple of games but we still lack a killer instinct.

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No, Monthe was close by but it definitely Menayese that the ref called a foul against. Watched it a few time but still not sure if there was one though - no arguments with the Monthe and Mills booking but their players had been going to ground extremely easily all game and the ref had been buying it every time (hence Bates’s booking when there was no contact - of if there was it was the other way but there bloke went over); it was only a matter of time before it happened in the box and he could give them a penalty.

Didn’t say it wasn’t going to take more than that for me either mate he needs a very long and decent run of form to swing me too but as I did say the best way to do it is on the green stuff.I haven’t seen the incident when he did or didn’t get injured so can’t comment.

The thing that strikes me with Osedabe and many other players that have played for us and other clubs I guess is he has some talent but he needs to improve his decision making. His weight of pass is pretty much always off. These are things that can be improved. It’s not like it is a hobby it is his full time job. He trains every day of the week.

I don’t know if it is poor coaching or a lack of desire to get better. I was never good enough to be a footballer, I loved playing but it was just a hobby. If it was my job and my dream I would be doing everything I could to improve. Spending extra time on the training ground, watching videos of top players anything I could at all. Even if it isn’t with Walsall’s best interests in mind, you only need half a good season at Walsall and scouts are sniffing round and a decent move with a bigger better contract is on the cards.

No doubt the standard of coaching has an affect on it, but I’m sure a lot of players at this level don’t put in the effort to improve or don’t have the self belief that they can be any better.


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I think you might be on the wrong thread. I don’t think we have player of that name In our team. :wink:

You need treatment

One of the things that impresses me a lot about Kiernan is his weight of pass in difficult situations. Great assist on Tuesday and, like you say, if Osadebe can add that into his game he’ll be a lot more effective.

Yes, but I’ve seen Boris’s tackle…(as a few other people have).

I agree Osadebe has a tendency to overhit passes but he did thread a great one through for Shade to go clean through. His dead-ball delivery was much improved too.

Even with Holden out for the foreseeable, when Wilkinson and Kinsella return, there will be some competition for the 5 midfield places.

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Vegans vs Baby Seagulls tonight. The result of that will inform what we need to do against FGR in our final group game in order to go through to the next round (if such a thing really exists?)

Might watch that one lol

It would make a nice change to progress to the next round of something.

Looks like a draw and losing the penalty shoot out will see us through after last nights result.
The above would see us on 6 points, with FGR on just 5.
However a defeat and we will need Northampton to drop points against BHA, to qualify for the knock out stages.

Brighton gave us a few scares when we played them (as with our game, they ended up with 10 men but didn’t buckle) and Northampton didn’t look like world beaters. Doubt it will be FGR’s usual starting XI either so a decent chance we’ll go through one way or another.

Just noticed that Northampton’s game against BHA is on the 2nd November while ours against FGR is on the 9th - so we will know what we need to do (and might even be through) before we play. Which is a bit strange for end of group games, thought they were always played simultaneously?