D 2-2 vs Colchester United (A) - League Two - Sat 30th April, 3pm

How many of you have nothing better to do on Saturday and have got a ticket?

Colchester United vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Colchester United Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Briefest match intro ever!

Result depends on who plays. If MF plays everyone desperate for a contract it’s a win.

Shit game at a shit stadium in a shit league, with absolutely jack shit at stake for either team :joy:

The Swindon one will be a full preview.


I couldn’t give a shit :grin:


Give welsh saddler his job back terrible review :joy:

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I have nothing better to do. :joy:


Sorry I can’t make it. I’m washing my hair, praise the lord.

I’m not going to this one I’m going to try out this new shop everyone’s talking about suppose to be cheap apparently.


I shall be in Liverpool for a school re-union (class of 5B, 1960/61). But next season, with all its positive promise (where have I heard that before?) I shall be making full use of my first-ever season ticket, if it ever arrives…


Tut, tut, Welsh and here’s me thinking you would have been in class 5A.

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I’m going. V local for me as I live in Suffolk. Hope I’m not on my own in the away section!


I don’t think they will send them out yet Welsh… I didn’t have one for this season but if I recall right it was really late with the season fast approaching before they were sent out. I am sure there will be more than a few that will miss your score updates when you are at the games next season!

Even though it isn’t the most appealing away day, seeing as it is the last one I think we will manage around 300.

Not for me this one. I have been before and quite frankly I am feeling pretty deflated about this season, I can’t wait for it to end. I will be getting a season ticket for next season today, that is enough Walsall F.C outlay for one weekend. Hope all that are going have a good day.

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I’m off to Chasetown to watch them in their playoff final tomorrow!


I’m going. V local for me as I live in Suffolk. Hope I’m not on my own in the away section!

Even if you were alone in the away section we would still be cheering you on mate.
I hope you bring the lads some good fortune tomorrow.

A nothing to play for game, I shall still be watching and hoping for three points.


We are off to Hereford again on Monday, they made us feel so welcome last time, they need the points to get into the playoffs.
Nephew has got a bit of a cult hero status with the fans now, after squirting water into the Bradford managers face during a heated exchange at the game on Saturday.
Don’t know where he gets it from :joy: :wink:


The deadest of dead rubbers…

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You definitely won’t be on your own! I’d expect 300+ to make the trip with it being the last away game of the season. I would be going but have arranged to treat the better half with a shopping spree as I had packed her off to a spa on a Sunday when I was going to the awards dinner and none of the rest of my lot are going.

Still I expect we need to rectify our away form for next season’s play off push and tomorrow would be as good a time as any, a hard fought 2-1 win.


First Saturday game I’m missing in years :smile:

Watching my Niece in s gymnastics competition

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