D 2-2 vs Crewe Alexandra (A) - League Two, Sat 19th August, 3:00pm

Unlikely to be a preview of this one. No great loss, it would have been a 500 word essay on how much I despise Tony Naylor, written from the perspective of my eight-year-old self.

  • Crewe Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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We’re due a win both at Gresty Road and in 2023 so a win for me.


Need to steady the ship . We have showed we can score goals . Need to defend much better against a team that doesn’t have same caliber of players as we have faced in Stockport and wrexham. 2-1 to the saddlers…

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I’d value reading the essay and mark it generously


Bought my tickets for Salford and the Brighton and FGR trophy games - 3 matches and still cost me less than this one. :pound:

Anyway, MS tweaked the starting XI between Morecambe and Stockport, then kept the same team for Wrexham. Keep the faith or give it another shake to see if he can find the magic formula?

Personally I am very happy that Foulkes has been given his chance, but he has to be managed properly at this early stage in his senior career so we that don’t burn him out - I think a rest on Saturday and back for BHA kids. Riley at RWB if Knowles still not ready.

Given that we are away and need to shore things up a bit, I would stick with 3 at the back for this game. But same as with Foulkes, Williams also needs the kid glove treatment for a while so McEntee in (I would have said Allen but he’s left-sided cover for Hussey so would unbalance things).

Even though Hutch has yet to catch fire, would start with him. As I’ve got Riley and McEntee elsewhere, it only leaves Tierney as a serious option for the 3rd in midfield along with Stirk. Or bring in Allen here instead?

Other places unchanged - although again we don’t want to burn out Draper either so give him just 60-70 minutes before replacing with Oteh or DJT, then bench him on Tuesday.


They look stronger this season, knocked in 4 against Newport, think they might match that again on Saturday, we need Buckley in charge, he would make sure we then score 5!
Sadler in deep do do’s if we lose this one too.

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We were mostly useless away from home under Buckley, in the league anyway.

We have been mostly useless away from home for as long as I can remember!!!

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Very true.

Looking forward to Saturday. Should be an entertaining game with both teams looking to play attacking football. Missed the first goal last season as we were a bit late leaving the boozer, and it went downhill from there. It was the start of the end for Flynn with that capitulation followed by Harrogate, three days later. Truly shocking.

Time we ended the Crewe hoodoo.

Draper DJ Hutch
4688 with 1324 of us.

Funny how the demon drink seems to cause the human brain to fog over, get the feeling you’ll probably be better off not knowing what the hell is actually going on. The Crewe hoodo is written in stone, don’t expect too much.

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Ay Mand going?

We don’t beat Crewe
We don’t win away
Our defence has more holes than sponge bob square pants
Walsall red card in frustration

5- 1 Crewe
Sadler to feel the start of some pressure

I think we will win too…3-1 will do.

We desperately need a win on Saturday because our away results don’t exactly inspire much confidence for anyone and the longer it goes on the more the pressure will grow.
Christ I hope we don’t put in a display like the joke of a performance we produced last time we went there.

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Wasn’t that due to “just one last whiskey”? :rofl:

I was surprised how diminutive Tierney was at a Blackburn - I don’t think the 8 role is his calling.

I was surprised after seeing him actually - where does he play in the 352?

Further, I have said this one or two times - but where does Oteh play in the 352 also ?

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Probably CB ahead of McEntee :grin:



As one of the strikers. Hes on two goals so far, same as DJ.