D 2-2 vs Crewe Alexandra (A) - League Two, Sat 19th August, 3:00pm

I can’t see us scoring less then two goals in this game… But the problem will be how many we concede… Could be anything from 0 to 5.

But as I got tickets I’m going to be optimistic and say 3 1 to the Saddlers

I also hated him if that helps mate :rofl:

Only 1 - it was an OG by Forde on Tuesday night. I also thought it was Oteh in real time, as did the stadium announcer, but on the replay it’s clear he didn’t touch the ball - or try to claim the goal.


No mate, said she didn’t fancy sitting on a bus full of pissed up blokes :smile:.

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I have 4 tickets spare for tomorrow, unfortunately a few mates had to drop out.

So if anyone is planning to pay on the day, and wants to save a few quid drop me a message :+1:t2:

Hopefully get a point to take some pressure off

So drop Draper then?

Anyway. Surprised by this…

Long ball Swindon are 3rd in the league for possession… we are 19th…

With Kinsella in midfield :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I don’t think he’s completed a game yet has he ? :wink:

I was shocked to be fair - I was expecting them to be lower. I’m more shocked by us… early day, but it just confirms what I thought I’d seen. We definitely aren’t a ‘possession’ team - but more a counter attack side.

Absolutely , that’s why Draper and Oteh have stood out for me.

A lot of our possession, is once again passing the ball across the back line and back to the keeper.


His “2nd” goal was credited as an og

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I can’t work out whether it’s the plan - or McEntee is going missing.

Looks like the game plan to me mate, we are good at it tbf.

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17th on shots per game as well, all very similar to the past at the moment.

Suspensions will play a part this season with the number of yellow cards being bandied about by the looks of it.

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How do we know they’re long ball?

I was being facetious mate - it’s what everyone said Flynn would do to them isn’t it ?


Surely skewed by the Stockport game. We’ve had more possession v Morecambe and v Wrexham.


Lies, damn lies and statistics.

Just a fun little early peep - obviously will change during the season and more samples.

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