D 2-2 vs Exeter City (A) - League Two - Sat 2nd Oct, 3pm

Fuel crisis? What fuel crisis? We run out of gas after 70 minutes most weekends! That’s the view of many Walsall FC supporters so far this season, but driving into the tenth month of the calendar we go.

October kicks off with the Matt Taylor Derby, where Matt Taylor’s Exeter City play host to Matt Taylor’s Walsall FC.

Exeter City find themselves sitting pretty in 6th place whilst The Saddlers arrive sitting just one point off the bottom of the table, in 22nd positon

The Grecians started a little slowly in the league this time round but are starting to get back to normal now and their last six fixtures have yielded the following results:

24th Aug - Chelsea U21’s (PJT) - Drew 1-1 Lost 4-3 pens
28th Aug - Harrogate Town (A) - Drew 1-1
4th Sept - Forest Green Rovers (H) - Drew 0-0
11th Sept - Scunthorpe United (A) - Won 4-0
18th Sept - Sutton United (H) - Won 2-0
25th Sept - Hartlepool United (A) - Drew 1-1

Walsall arrive in a bit of an injury crisis, with Rory Holden and Conor Wilkinson still out through injury, and they have been joined in the medical room by Liam Kinsella and Emmanuel Osadebe, with Jack Earing also potentially not fully fit.

A small ray of sunshine for The Saddlers is that captain Joss Labadie is back in contention following a 3-game suspension.

Other than that, I can’t offer you too much hope, so what are your predicting the starting XI will be for this game, and more importantly perhaps, who will
be on the bench?

If you’re going do let us know, I’ll be there because it’s one of the five grounds in this division I haven’t done yet.

PS. No, I am not walking there.

Exeter City vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Exeter City Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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With the good form Exeter are in and the tripe we are playing plus our injuries I am looking forward to an unexpected win so the trip back on coach will be happier than others this season.


3-0 win saddlers.

Matthew Taylor, exasperated with trying to finding the right man and now seemingly aware we blew our budget on the strong ‘spine’ of this beloved squad, decides ‘f**k it, I’m playing the kids’

The line up consists of mayo, mills and ward as a back three. Willis, Bates, Perry, coogan and Sadler as holding midfielders who manage to keep the almighty Exeter At bay. Osadebe, miraculously recovers from a quadruple tibia stress fracture and has a blinder as attacking mid, constantly laying on incisive through balls for Miller. Miller, with the aid of sniffing a fistful of speed at half time lays on the perfect hat trick for the kid Maher. Maher is subsequently sold over new year for a substantial five figure sum that Leigh pomlett simply couldn’t turn down, from morecambe. Citing that the funds may eventually put us on a level playing field with barrow and Stevenage.

The five hardy pensioners who didn’t forego their seats on the supporters coach are ecstatic with the result. However their day is diminished somewhat as Shropshire saddler parachutes in to st James’s park and proceeds to pelt them with a volley of rotten eggs and his own faeces.

Shortly after the game, Nicky ajose signs on a three year deal, quipping he’s obviously delighted to have joined the saddlers and that the birdshit on the purple stand seats really adds a bit of nostalgia and antiquity to our state of the art arena. It’s also announced Rory Holden’s return to the playing squad should come just before the human race is destroyed by Skynet.

The club releases a video update from the chairman on Monday morning who simply Moonwalks into camera shot, winks, then walks off. Our foolhardy video editing team once again let themselves down as the video doesn’t cut out and SLO Graham Whittaker can be seen berating club secretary Dan mole Asking, ‘why can’t you buy some decent gold blend Dan, rather than that horrible cheap Nescafé battery acid shit?’.

The club quickly releases another statement apologising for the profanities heard but trusted IT man Tom Heslop posts it to the Birmingham city website.

A short story.


Far too much time on your hands mate, but it made me loff :grin:

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Anyone seeing anything other than a solid Exeter win must tell me their secret recipe for optimism with this side of ours.
4-0 Exeter.
Osadebe to hobble on the pitch with one leg at half time to prove he is injured while holding hands with holden and Wilkinson


No surprises from me 4-0 Exeter and we will be bottom of the pile in the football league by 4.55pm

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As the resident optimist I see only a very narrow defeat coming on Saturday.Probably 0-1 with the goal coming in added time from one of our own players when the ball is hit from outside the box and hits 2 of our defenders before trickling into the net.

A 1-0 win, an Exeter defender tries to clear his lines but hits Holdens wheelchair, and Osadebe prods the loose ball home with one of his crutches. We defend desperately by pushing the hospital bed of Kinsella into our six yard box and Exeter can find no way through.
Have some faith. UTS.


I suppose you are working on the assumption (not unreasonable) that the bed would move faster than some of our defenders.


Not just that, I’m assuming it will turn more quickly than a couple of our defenders. :rofl:


Really hope I’m wrong but can’t see a win at all.

Away from home, we’re shit, they’re decent, we’re shit, best attackers out, we’re shit etc etc……

Take a draw.

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Anyone going all the way down to Exeter to watch us deserves a bloody medal. Unfortunately I think that it will be a very depressing journey back for you!!! If we come away with a 2-0 defeat we will have done well. I should imagine team confidence is already low, and we are still only in September!!! If we continue to defend the way have I just cant see where an away win is coming from this season😟

I think Wilkinson will be back along with Labadie and hope for a well deserved 2-1 win here. Another performance like Bradford will do it for me.

4-1 loss, I think we get spanked this week.

Christ I’m not looking forward to this.

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I don’t mean to be pessimistic but I can’t see us winning this one. A draw would be a decent result. I just hope we’re not battered. I’m gonna go 2 - 0 Exeter :sob::sob::sob:

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I would describe myself as a pragmatist/realist - although mrs BB says I’m a miserable pessimist (among other more choice descriptions).
We aren’t going to get anything out of this game, the Grecians must be really looking forwards to this one.
Although an unexpected win would give me massive bragging rights over my Exeter season ticket holding mate.

My prediction of a 4-0 loss will have many fans thinking I’m an arse and hoping they can post on here after we win 2-0 “that’ll teach the ones who were so negative” but right here right now I can’t see how we are going to win the game and I know it’s 2 teams on a green pitch and anything can happen but we have shown nothing really have we apart from some grit against Bradford and 3 goals against a poor Mansfield centre half which yes Miller’s taken them well and I was over the moon for him but a better one wouldn’t have allowed him those to happen well not both anyway.If I could be a bit more half glass full than empty I would be but this team needs to show us all a bit more here’s hoping they do that because I don’t want us to lose a prediction using my head over my heart that’s all it is.


Exeter must be licking their lips.

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Wilkinson getting closer but not training yet. Kinsella being operated on tomorrow. Osedebe “not as bad as first feared” (couldn’t tell whether he was talking about the injury or his talent).