D 3-3 vs Hartlepool United (A) - League Two - Sat 25th Feb, 3pm

No cohesion, no attacking nous whatsoever, strikers devoid of shooting practice or coaching, the monkeyhangers on a ‘new manager’ high, 0-0 guaranteed.
As someone else pointed out, is this the 6th ‘must win’ game on the trot?
Getting a tad disappointing for fans, and for Flynn to suggest we still have a chance at the play off’s…what planet is he living on?

It’ll click tomorrow.



Sadly, we are down on confidence and they will be playing out of their skins for the new boss. A 1-0 defeat for me.

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Flynn said that we’ve scored 2 goals in 7 games since DJ left, speaks volumes.
If truth be known, I’m still upset with the club for not splashing out the cash for Danny. Once in a blue moon players like that become available, we seriously missed the boat by not signing him (imho).
Our shooting has been terrible, weak shots straight at the keeper or they sail miles wide, one wonders what they’re doing all week in training.
We’ve dropped (potentially) 10 points in the draw streak we have going on, good for the pools, but not much good chasing the playoffs.
Anyway, let’s hope we can turn it around tomorrow.


I have just had us to draw on my bet,as my bets never ever come in i am now fully expecting us to get the 3pts this weekend

The Suit Direct Stadium is never an easy place to go and I expect no different tomorrow. Fighting for their lives and with a new management I expect they will throw the kitchen sink at us but I think we have the necessary quality to come away with 3 points and keep our faint hopes of a play-off spot alive for another week.


Surprised you’d say that … :wink:

Hopefully the ref will book someone for this or even send one of the buggers off if they do … :joy:

Seriously hope the matt attack comes good sometime soon as they look to be getting fitter the more games they play and hopefully we have been working on the training pitch to get crosses in for them to work with instead of Stevens having to come back into defence to get the ball like he did a couple of times against Crewe.

Knowles needs to drop the attempted long throws now, they have worked on them in as much as they are going a little lower so now a bit further, but the time it takes to actually throw it the opposition are all in position and marking our men, would be much better to take quick throws and catch the opposition out imho.

Also was very shocked/disappointed Riley didn’t make an appearance against Crewe when the game was crying out for that bit of quality in the midfield, hopefully he’ll be closer to playing a full game very soon.

We need a confidence boosting win so fingers crossed.

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I agree. It is a small thing but I would like the throw-ins (or is it throws-in?) to be taken as quickly as possible to keep the game moving. As it is, there seems to be a person on each side of the pitch whose is the thrower (except close to their penalty area when it is Knowles) and we have to wait for them to trundle over and then they never seem to have anyone to throw the ball too. Let’s get the nearest player to chuck it in - the likelihood is that we will have players unmarked.

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I personally think it’s a big thing, and the fact we seem to take an age to do absolutely anything on a pitch at times is something that is very frustrating.You can actually see what we are going to do 3-5 seconds before we actually do it and we are so predictable it’s unreal.


Devoid of ideas and very little skill playing against a team with new manager I’m going for 2-1 to the poolies

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Strong breeze blowing in off the North Sea - make sure you wrap up warm!!

My son, when given the choice, chose our local Tier 8 non-league team for tomorrow instead, so I’ll be missing out on the inevitable scoreless draw!

It’s also a cue for our infuriating time wasting tactics.
First, someone get the ball, pretends for 20 seconds that he’s going to throw it in before either Knowles or White dawdles across and repeats the process before eventually throwing it into a crowd of players, which 9 times out of ten results in a turnover of possession.

Does my nut in.


I just don’t like those long throw-ins, not only does it take ages, but the ball flies so slow that the defense can adjust their position and all that height advantage is wasted. Probably normal crosses would make more in offensive tries. But I doubt it will change.

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We were a bit more dangerous from them when Low played. He seems better than Monthe at getting a decent flick on and, if both are playing, there is more to mark.

In rugby union terms, we are like a team with strong “forwards” who go to score tries from a yard out, whereas most fans want us to be a free-flowing passing side with skilful “backs”,

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Unless it’s Monthe

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Owen Evans wastes time like nobody’s business.He starts doing it around the 60-65th minute mark and gets slightly quicker after he’s picked up a yellow for it.Now I get you have to perform the “dark arts” now and again but not at home when your 1-0 up.Surely most if not all fans would accept time wasting if we were drawing 1-1 away from home with 10 to go and we’ve been being battered all half just to take the sting out of the opposition I absolutely accept that.

What does " must win" mean.? Surely if the last two were also " must wins," this one doesn’t matter any more.

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" Must win " means if they don’t they’ll get booed apparently…

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Hartlepool have now played 4 more games than Crawley, making their position even more precarious. They could be a good few points from safety when all teams around them catch up on games. Rochdale on the other hand look dead and buried.

Quite a Few on on Twitter saying hutch is rubbish and should be dropped
Some people can’t see talent and quality if it punched them in the face