Darlington (A) 20th Nov, 7:45pm. FA Cup 1st Round Replay

“I shake like a quaker
So see you later”

- Happiness is a Worn Pun, Super Furry Animals (2001)

Walsall travel to Darlington this evening for a sell-out replay in front of the TV cameras. The winner will be rewarded with a Second Round home tie against Oxford.


Walsall have won two home games since the sides last met, scoring eight and conceding once. Difficult to know the injury status of the squad, but Stuart Sinclair, Danny Guthrie and Cameron Pring are presumed absentees.

Darlo fell to a 5-1 defeat away at Brackley on Saturday, naming just four subs. The Quakers will be missing Osagi Bascome and Justin Donawa thanks to ex-Saddler Kyle Lightbourne, who has called them up for international duty with Bermuda.


A closely fought 2-1 to the Saddlers.

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Josh Gordon at least 2.

3-1 win

No hay problema

I know there are some who will think that anything less than a thrashing is a failure against a club in a lower division, but realists know that doesn’t always work out like that - so I’ll be happy whatever the score, even if it goes to penalties, just so long it’s a win (which is all that really matters in the record books).

However, I would of course prefer it be completely one-sided and done with a barrowful of goals in a masterclass of attacking football (will need something to jump up and down about to keep me warm in the biting north sea wind that will be blowing across the pitch tonight).

BTW Anyone else in the seats? I checked out their ground and the away end behind goal is flat and uncovered, so opted to sit as at least will be a bit more elevated for a better view.

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If we hadn’t have played a game since the last time we played each other I’d be worried amazing what a couple of good results can do to the team and me as a fan 3-0 to the saddlers nice and comfortable tonight.

I expect a win, but probably I’ll be surprised later. I hope this time will be different.

Good choice that Andy, rather than opting for one of our many Safe Standing (paving slab) Areas😀. Go easy on us if your stadium experience doesn’t rank among your best. After we were relegated 4 divisions 7 years ago we started with no players, no ground and no money. And at least we have an excellent playing surface and, as you have seen, we do try to play football the right way, no hoofball and no clogging! We’re quietly proud that we’re alive and kicking and have managed it without the massive bankrolling handed on a plate at the likes of Fylde, FGR and Salford.


4-0 to the good guys

4-0 win. We’re looking more confident and they’re missing a few players.

Have to start the way we did v Cambridge. Early goals will see us through easy.

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This will be harder than some expect. Away to non league is a completely different kettle of fish and the last few results haven’t completely papered over the cracks for me.

2-0 would be a great result.


Just win by any means. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a similar pattern to the first game where Darlington make a fast start before our fitness levels start to show. If, and that’s a big if, we take our chances then I can see a 3-1 win, but I can’t see this being an ‘easy’ game at all.

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We will win 2-1, although slightly concerned that the team travelled up today rather than yesterday.

I am looking forward to it. The Nation and BT are looking at our league position. This replay is away(obviously). So they are expecting the lower team to win. NO CHANCE. We will score early and win easily. 3 or 4 nil to us. COME ON WALSALL.

Here’s something to calm your nerves. It is a fact that we have 14 senior players available to us tonight. Two of them are keepers and two of the outfield players have knocks and may or may not be fit. We had a long trip to that footballing hotspot of Brackley on Saturday and were tonked. What can possibly go wrong for you😉


Gordon has hit a purple patch…going for 4-0 a Gordon hat-trick. Come on you reds lets have a cup run.


Russian interference in all things UK? I’ll be watching.


2-0 to the mighty saddlers, got a feeling it’s going to a scrappy game, not very pleasing on the eye

Clicked on the link and got on to NBCTV90. It wants my credit card details to set up a free account. Is this ok? I have not had any experience of trying to get one of these live streams before.

Click the link i put up! The game will become online and active about 7-40pm

Shouldnt need too put any card details in on any stream


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