Darlington replay live on Bt sport 1

Yes here we go we can show the nation how crap we are lol

We can confirm our Emirates FA Cup replay against Darlington has been selected for live TV coverage.

:date: The game will take place on Wednesday 20th November, kick-off 7.45pm on BT Sport 1.


Bout 20 days too late for a horror show. #halloween

God help us. God help us all.

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We all know the result now !!!. But we could rise to the occasion did we not do well a few years back one night on TV was it against the sheep s******s ???.

Fortunately not on BBC. Not too many watch BT Sports.


FFS! I’ve gotta cancel my subscription now.

Least I’ll get a good kip on the 20th

Who do people fancy in the round 2 draw later??

Darlington :laughing:


Bristol Rovers (a) just so Darrel gets some love


Seems like a bloke who likes to be spoken to as if he’s a god and told he’s awesome all the time your just the bestest Darrell we love you Darrell…

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something along the lines of what @Butters told him on saturday :grin:

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“■■■■ off I know” :rofl:

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Did anything come of that by the way?? Anybody from the club said anything or Darrell himself??

If I’m reading this right, does this mean we will get £75k?

The FA live broadcast fee is £75,000 per club. Winning clubs will receive £36,000 from The FA prize fund and a place in the second round.

I’d say so £75,000 each club plus and extra £36,000 if we win is what I’m getting from that.

Home to Oxford

Man your quik at typing lol

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Awful draw, that’s if we get past Darlington

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Great on 2 counts: we’ll get some much-needed dosh (should cover win bonuses for the rest of the season!!) and I can watch it on telly. I think we’ll turn them over. We need to go there and set up to counter-attack with pace - so no place for Guffney!