Darlington supporters group

Just been having a quick browse on their website , it could be the way to go they seem really engaged with their club .
The Boost the Budget scheme they have must make the members feel really involved for a relatively small financial commitment.
Anything that might help is surely worth looking at in our current position .

We have enough board members who should put their hands in their pockets to be honest.

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Agreed but it’s not just the money ,although obviously that’s important. It’s about creating more supporter involvement which many on here seem to crave

That’s the job of the supporters trust that we already have but it is failing massively and has been for years. It’s full of dinosaurs who just want to say they are part of a trust but most don’t actually do anything.


Fan representation on the board is very much on the agenda at present, from what I’ve heard.

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You may well be right , perhaps it will take things to get even worse to galvanise supporters into action , which is obviously what has happened at Darlington and other clubs who have fallen out of the league and have had to re group .
Just that God forbid it does happen to us that we would have enough about us to do the same

I’ll pay my money at the gate but won’t give anything else to the Club while that man Bonser is involved. For as long as he is taking rent I’ll give nothing extra.

But you are probably right, it could be the way to go - when the leech is nothing to do with our Club.

The only problem with that @simon,we already have one fans representative on the board,his name is Roy (turncoat) whalley,he’s turned into one of them.If you are going to do that you need to keep changing the fans representative every 2yrs so they don’t get too indoctrinated with the boards ways.We don’t want anyone from the trust,because as @DanG_WFC has already pointed out…

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I don’t remember mentioning the Trust.

It’s what most fans will assume (dread),it’s what the club will probably think is a safe pair of hands that won’t rock the boat too much.We need someone who will question everything the board does,from a fans perspective.

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Dont know if many already know, but Issa have. Asked the board if we bring 200 k to table would they grant Issa a seat on the board,
We would seek a fan consortium. To raise funds, , and we have had great interest. In our plans so far. , and club have not. Dismissed it out of hand but from what we believe are in fact willing to sit down with Issa to discuss further, And give us chance to put our proposal to Pomlett

I would also state I would like every single fan of Walsall fc to be part of our plans, we are doing it on behalf of every fan not just. The chosen few, , and if a seat on board is. Secured it would be to represent every single fan who goes through the turnstiles Wether a member of Issa or not , It Should be revealed in minutes of last weeks working party meeting when published,


:clap: There’s one thing about ISSA,you certainly think big,and outside the box…:clap:


That sounds like a step in the right direction , just don’t let any momentum drain away you need to keep the pressure up and also probably call a meeting for all interested supporters and open the whole thing up

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That is very much our intention, and as said will be open to all
We wouldn’t have it any other way, mate

What annoys me is have ALL of those board remembers really put £200k in their pocket to get a place on the board? I very much doubt it.

Mole no
Gamble no
Whaley no
Bond. Directors loan
Gilman ? And we know why
Tidsdale. Directors loan

Blower previously. No

Only mole and gamble are salaried directors, Where as Whaley. Least said the better,

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Whose is the 200 grand?

Sounds like a recipe for chaos to me. If I was Pomlett I’d tell you to eff off :joy::joy::wink:

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Of all those the only one I’d question is Gilman.
Whilst Mole, Gamble and Whalley haven’t paid to be on the board they are there because of their senior roles at the club.

Thing is Dan, they may be “on the board” but big decisions are made based on voting rights (shares). No shares - no voting rights.

Gamble and Mole are the paid executives, who are paid to help run the club and recommend budgets, improvements etc.

Pomlett, as Bonser was, is The executive Chair and holds c65% of the shares, therefore what he ultimately decides, goes.

Why should he respond in the way you suggest, When he is actively encouraging and seeking investment,
What better than a consortium of fans. Providing funding./ investment To get fan representation on board

Can’t be such a bad idea seeing they have asked us to put our proposals forward , and saying a meeting will be held to discuss. The issue