Darlington supporters group

The cost of keeping ones silence comes at a cost mate

Its all in theory a great idea,

But will it continue too be something for the fans or will just be another voice that gets waved away.

At this point anything too inject a bit of life into the club could be a go

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I’m saying what I would do if I as him (it was a bit of a tongue in cheek reply).

So “who” will the 200 grand belong to and who will own the shares purchased with it (Presumably ISSA?)

As a matter of interest how many supporters groups are there .
Would it not be better if I there was just one pulling in one direction

They must be non execs Steve?

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Would instantly put an end to the. Secret society up there, having genuine fans on the board is the only way to see how the mechanics of club truly are set up,

And I guarantee if Issa are involved it will be for no other reason than for the benefit of all fans of Walsall fc

In your opinion!

So, let’s say for a minute that this is already in place and you go to a board meeting on Monday and DC’s role comes up.

Are you going to want him sacked or carry on with him? The supporters you claim to represent are split on this and many other issues.


As i said its a great idea but in previous attempts (Not like that) but they have failed too support what the fans actually feel and continued too do there “own” views…

Not being a downer just looking at the views for it because if it does happen its huge move for fans but is it for the majority of the fans is the question.

Genuinely hope in some context it becomes real and we get a “honest” bunch of people too represent and ask the real question that always go over the clubs head

Luckily you aren’t Pomlett Belph,at least ISSA are trying to do something positive,instead of running the club down like a lot of us are. (PS…I liked your post by accident)…:grinning:

I agree that they are Sid and in no way am I running the club down (evidenced by my assertion that Pomlett has my vote to get on with sorting out the club). I just disagree with this type of approach. I’m all for supporters’ groups to help with some aspects of the club, the match day ■■■■ for example, but I will be interested to see it progress.

We have already got as many supporters groups as points this season, so how is that going to work?
Every ■■■■ that ever bought a raffle ticket to support the initiative will want there twopenneth and will think they know best.

It’ll be like on here

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We all want our say now,so that’s nothing new.

Issa are currently in the process of. Becoming shareholders in club, and are currently sorting the purchase of shares offered to us

A small amount of shares granted, but shareholders none the same

The bigger picture is to have a consortium of fans put 200 k into club, and have a seat on the board, ,

Would we be able to dictate how club runs, no we wouldn’t, But we would be party to the ins and outs of how club runs, And be in a position to provide fans with honest answers, ,as said it would be to benefit every fan, ,and would be your voice in boardroom,

Only in the very early stages yet, and lots of hard work to be put in. To make it a reality, And before people think it’s a. Vanity exercise of which I’ve been accused of before, I will state here and now. I would not be the one representing you , but will gladly play a role organising and making it happen, ,
I care deeply for our club and would do anything to guarantee it a better future, and that includes putting my money where my mouth is and financially. Putting. Whatever the final buy in figure is to any consortium


Giving it large on the board would be new though.

I’d love to be the one elected to be the fans voice…they’d be fed up with me after a couple of board meetings :grinning:

Hence my saying it would not be me, I’d be removed mate, lol
Needs a far more cooler head than me , but do believe it has to happen, in order. For fans to have a far more important role,
Wpms are all well and good but we are only told what they want us to know,

Got to give you credit. You put a lot of effort into giving us fans a better insight into our club. I for one am very grateful. I know many others are too :+1:


Please keep us up to speed with the negotiations, this club desperately needs more transparency

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How can you go from writing a colum in program to the position wallet holds is. Behold belief

Wallet is a disgrace and has feasted off the back of this club for way to many years, Due you think he stays for love of club, No he doesn’t,

The cost of silence has cost wfc a pretty penny that’s for sure

How can you go from just taking photos for the match day programme and become Club Secretary??? Please send all enquiries to Mr D Mole c/o Walsall FC.

That’s not what has happened though is it?
He worked as club secretary for many years and before that was with fans group SWAG.
I may not agree with Whalley on a lot of things, particularly his hero worshipping of Bonser, but saying he’s done nothing for the club is wrong.