Darrell Clarke gone

Well, well …
Darrell Clarke: Port Vale sack manager after winless seven-game run - BBC Sport

Not all clubs are as patient as us


Mansfield will get rid of clough and get Clarke in


A fickle game and I hope they pay for it. The man got them promoted last season and, this season, they were well up in the top half for a while, which I would regard as a major achievement. They’ve certainly had a bad run but trust the man to get through to the end of the season and then re-group. He deserves that chance, surely? (and this is from someone who was not a big fan of his, at all)

But hey, it’s Vale, so if they go through 5 managers in the next 4 seasons and find themselves floundering in Division 4 again, I suspect most of us would be delighted!!


What goes around comes around.
Not many tears to shed apart from his personal issues that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
I thought they gave him a 5 year Contract recently?
Surprised in one way although results have recently been as bad as ours of course.

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Left Walsall in the lurch which led Pommo to engage a DOF which was a disaster. A sense of Karma for me.

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Atleast we know we’ll get to a minimum of 6 points next season if they go down :relieved:

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From BBC Sport website

“Following discussions in recent weeks with Darrell, the backroom staff and senior players, we have decided now is the best time to make a change and give ourselves the best chance of retaining the League One status we have all worked so tirelessly to achieve,” Flitcroft told the club website.

Good luck to Clarke nd hope he gets some positivity in his life
Been through hell and to now lose your job is seriously gonna suck
However I do hope now port vale buy our current manager of us like they did with Clarke. Come on port vale do us another solid


According to Wiki, he has a win percentage of around 42, however, I imagine that includes the period of his sabbatical, when, if I recall correctly they had a good run.

Flynn’s win percentage is currently around 31

Hope they don’t want their money back.

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He was flying until his personal issues, good luck to him in the future.

He probably needs some time out.


Wiki never gets updated regularly. Current standings for this season 12wins/42 games = 28.5% win ratio with -21 goal difference

MF is currently on 11wins/42 games = 26.2% win ratio with 0 goal difference thanks to the turgid boring tactics/drawsalls

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Good luck to him, he won’t be out of work long

Agree with that. tough old game football management

nailed on

Only job your sacked for being crap,get a pay off and instantly some one else wants to employ you.


High old standards at the Vale these days.

Clarke goes into stagnant league 2 club for years, gets them up in his first full season and they’ve been comfortable in mid table all season pretty much.

Meanwhile 1 win in 19 league games and counting…

A poor decision by Port Vale in my opinion. DC not a favourite of mine but deserved better than the push at this time.


They are on a very poor run and their next game is away to Ipswich, and the three teams immediately below them, Monkey Dons, Oxford and Cambridge all have home games next up, and the Boat Racers both have a game in hand. They are presumably hoping for a new manager bounce to get them the handful of points they need. Hopefully it won’t work and they will go down at the expense of a Bennett-inspired Cambridge.